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The car broke and repairing it will cost a new car. Then the check up fee is massive already. Giving them the car will only pay for 1/3 of the fee. So we dont have a car and we lose the second job as well of delivering pizza which means less income to us again.

I am praying for a mild winter so that we dont spend so much for heating the house.

So goodbye Christmas for me and my family. Am i sad? No.

What is worrying me at the moment is my family at home. There will be another big storm and this time it will hit them. That last strong storm didnt hit them so they are safe. Now I dont know.

There are so many things that my heart desires right now but I can give them all up. I just want my family back home to be safe. Just survive another big one.

And while I am here talking about this massively strong storm. We need to talk about global warming now. My country is always the first to get these storms. And please help my country. Please help my people. Please talk about Global Warming and solve it. Please.


Children copies adults. My son use to always play with pots and pans before which is I suppose what he sees of me. He also love the Ikea ironing board cuz well I always iron.

Now that hes world is getting bigger and he is attending school, our afternoons after school are mostly spent of me being his student and him being a teacher. He now idolizes his teachers.

There's a bit of jealousy on my side but I know that this is normal.

Him copying his teacher also makes me see what is going on inside his class. From the show and tell to how they are learning. And to whom (classmates) he spent most of his school time with.

I just go along with the play. This is more informative for me on how his day was rather than me asking him how's his day in school and getting the 'i forgot' answer.

In addition to him being a teacher he is also doing other roles. The things that he sees around him inspires his play a lot. More reason for me to bring him out more to expose him to what people do. Which will eventually lead to him learning what he really wants when he is older.

It might be too early for that but in my head I can see so many possibilities on what he'll become and I am so excited of this! I am so excited to see him grow and learn.

I wish that my health wont fail me and I will be given a chance to see him grow up. For now though I will try to enjoy playing with him and being in this [imaginary] world that he created and is sharing with me. I am so honored to be invited in there cuz its a fun place to stay! Boundless world and boundless possibilities.

my word of the week is emulate.


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Neck Tie Personalities

Its too late for me to notice that my son loves his school neck tie. I didnt took photos before. Only now when I saw the pattern. He does love wearing them especially when he is playing role plays.

Here he is tending his store

… teaching me phonics

and showing me their lunch and going home prayers

I really wished that I was able to capture all his neck tie moments.  I promise you there are more in the past that I missed. But I am sure there will be more in the future.

My son is like this (and maybe all the kids in the world), expressing how he sees the world through his own little fun way. I cant wait to see more of this. I want to see how he sees things that adults do. How he expresses them. How it will mold him into what he wants to be when he grows up.

I am so excited of the future.

And to see him grow and see what role he is going to pick and what he is going to be

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High Street Christmas Decors

Lots of times I am so clueless on whats going on where I live. I usually just stay home as I am scared to go out and be like another crime suspect. I am in hiding. Its a surprise one day after school to see that our high street. Few steps away from my house has Christmas Decor already. It is a but simple and yet I love the lights. When you go and see it a bit darker its like cascading water at night sky.

See if you can spot my kid in there. Posing not with the Christmas decor but the signs in the lamp post actually =P

Here he is! With his cookies! Telling me that the CCTV camera is in operation in this area.

We went deeper into our high street and found the trees with Christmas / Fairy lights on. Again its better to view this of course at night.

The town's Christmas Tree. A bit bare during the afternoon but pretty at night.

And when we got too cold we went in the stores and well another photo op with a sign!

We are going to try to take photos of these decors during the night. But this is how it is in the afternoon during our school run. Dark enough for the lights to be turned on but not dark enough for us to see its real beauty (yet).


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Waiting Game

It was a bad week for us. The car just went bonkers and our plan to go somewhere last Friday was cancelled. Plus our budget is already tight as is it. We can only imagine how much money we need to have the car fix. And then there's Christmas. What do you do when you dont have any budget for it?

So come Saturday we planned a trip to Bristol to get something. Riding the bus is a first time for my son and he loved it a lot. The freedom from the car seat strap made him happy during the trip.

The shop where my my son's father need to go is small so we decided to just wait outside. Few meters away from a the shop is where the church ruins that we visited before. We walked and played with the leaves on the ground. We also collected some for a craft project. We put the biggest leaves that we can find in our bag.

We stayed in that same area. When my son's father took a bit longer we decided to venture further and I am so glad we did because its just pretty there.

At the back of the ruins are this cute sculptures. My son called the one at the end a blackberry.

And even further are grasslands that has so many interesting features like a band stand, graffitied walls, a fountain and a play area with so much sand and amazing wood play equipment.

It was a nice time. Something to cheer us up when our spirit are down and out. To make you forget about Christmas and all the other hassles of life and just feel the breeze on your face and feel the sun on your skin.

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Worded or Wordless Wednesday Linky Party

I told myself that I will learn to take photos. I have been addicted to the cams for so long but I am using the automatic modes. I want to finally understand the 3 important things in Photography which is ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. I am also using the manual focus as automatic focus doesnt work well with macro shots.

Here is the sample of the one that I took.

Just edited it a bit in Picmonkey using the auto adjust and it just made it brighter. I know I shouldnt be using picmonkey but its habit! Just want to share as I am so proud of the [manual] focus.

And you can join in too! Just link up a post with a photo (worded or wordless). Visit some other entry to spread the love!
Tweet you link with the #wwwblp tag and I will RT it too. Thanks.

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