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my boss said that i’ll go to london. i have an interview this aug 18 @ embassy!!!! im freakin scared!!!!! aRgh!

but im excited tOo!!!! i’ll finally see the st paul’s cathedral! the bridge! BIG ben *grin* and lot more… what will i pack???????? choc nut? i cant live w/o choc nut! its my staple food! my those days b don? i will buy shawls…. hmmmm…. and this jacket with balahibo *fake ha* on the neck.. saka mejas… naku teka no b tawag dun sa makapal n whole body na mejas? naku! bk matigok ko sa ginaw dun… Dious me …. kailangan ng PAPA!!!!

naku eto n naman ako EXCITED! baka di naman matuloy yan *knock on wood*…. i want to go there…. i want to travel… i want to test myself if i can make it on my own…on a foreign land!!! hayyyy… matuloy lang to mag nonovena ko sa ST PAULS nyak nyak!!!

all dogs go to heaven?

we found our lost dog, she was thin & dizzy & dirty. i hope that she will get through this. i will never know what she had to go thru just to be with us but i know its hard, there are lots of lasengeros who probably wanted her for pulutan… or the local pound… that hits the dogs in the head…

my community is obviously not dog friendly… hayyyy…


You’re the sign of service, which means you live to please. Usually, you’re just putting your own mind at ease by being totally obsessive about detail, but all in all, you make everyone happy by always doing such a great job! You’ve always got time to help a friend in need (even when you’d rather be watching Dawson’s Creek), and your advice isn’t half-bad. You’re committed, thoughtful, and you don’t even have a big head about it. No wonder your crew wouldn’t know what to do without you.

On the love front:
You can hold your own in a conversation about almost anything, plus you’re a total hottie. Of course, the cuties are all over you. You’re known for being really picky, though, so your sweetie has to possess all of your fab traits, plus be a great kisser.

Best smooch signs:
Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Capricorn

School stuff:
Those super-high standards you have for yourself end up with you getting a whole lotta A’s – and we don’t need to tell you how happy that makes your parents! Don’t get too caught up in being the best — enjoy your successes without worrying about who’s doing better than you.

Star style:
It’s the little things that gives your style its oomph, Virgo. An extra ten minutes in front of the mirror and a few killer accessories make sure that your quasi-conservative outfits never, look dull.

Hey, Virgo — get psyched to channel your powers this year as your social life lights up like the 4th of July! Racking in new friends will be totally inadvertent, but very cool. Plus, your radiant smile could snag you a few smooch partners around November, too. Don’t freak when your finances take a nosedive in May after a big splurge — just make sure you’ve put a few bucks away for emergencies! Also, ditch your Dear Abby persona — we know that you Virgos can get so mixed up in other people’s probs that they can become your own! Be a well-wisher, not a welcome mat, Virgo. A silly argument with a friend puts a sour spin on things, so you focus on hangin’ with your other friends until things cool down between the two of you. By March, it’s all good, and you and your crew start planning a major trip to rack up some serious fun during Spring Break — maybe a little far in advance. Well, you can never be too prepared, eh? Careful planning now will ensure that your vacay rocks!

cuddle up

hayyyy…. so hard to wake up in the morning! dang! wish i dont need to go to work…. wish my BF & i have the means to sleep *wink* together wake up together and cuddle up in a weather like this without tying the knot!


that would be nice & … convenient he he he…

i dont have friends in here yet but… i’ll try to hook up with these one person whose writing i admire *bola!*… hope he’ll accept my friendship offer & i really really really miss he’s postings already.

thanks again to yoki… you’re my heroin!!!!

ta tah!


1st post!!!!!

dang! i dont know hmtl. how can i enhance my livejournal!!!!! could it be? i have a livejournal now????????????? mwa ha ha… thankyou!!!!!!!! ive been wanting to have this since.. i dont know…. since ive read solace_77 …. im kinda …. giddy…. now that i have it … what am i gonna say??????????

well…. hope someone in there will read this… i’ll gather my thoughts & maybe post again laterz!!!! yey!