1st post!!!!!

dang! i dont know hmtl. how can i enhance my livejournal!!!!! could it be? i have a livejournal now????????????? mwa ha ha… thankyou!!!!!!!! ive been wanting to have this since.. i dont know…. since ive read solace_77 …. im kinda …. giddy…. now that i have it … what am i gonna say??????????

well…. hope someone in there will read this… i’ll gather my thoughts & maybe post again laterz!!!! yey!

2 thoughts on “debut

  1. eq_oddyssey

    heloow there

    GO GO GO girl! welcome to blog. add ka pa ng friends. there are lots of interesting and creative people here. much can be learned from them. i don’t know about the ex in your name dear. ive added you na in my friends list so i can read your entries as well as those of my other friends. yet not all of them have added me as their fellow friend. you try to search random and you’ll find others LJ and add them to your friends list. hopefully they will respond. i like ur user pic girl! write anything and ask spunko to view your journal. that spunkie should have his LJ. his ideas are magnificent


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