my boss said that i’ll go to london. i have an interview this aug 18 @ embassy!!!! im freakin scared!!!!! aRgh!

but im excited tOo!!!! i’ll finally see the st paul’s cathedral! the bridge! BIG ben *grin* and lot more… what will i pack???????? choc nut? i cant live w/o choc nut! its my staple food! my those days b don? i will buy shawls…. hmmmm…. and this jacket with balahibo *fake ha* on the neck.. saka mejas… naku teka no b tawag dun sa makapal n whole body na mejas? naku! bk matigok ko sa ginaw dun… Dious me …. kailangan ng PAPA!!!!

naku eto n naman ako EXCITED! baka di naman matuloy yan *knock on wood*…. i want to go there…. i want to travel… i want to test myself if i can make it on my own…on a foreign land!!! hayyyy… matuloy lang to mag nonovena ko sa ST PAULS nyak nyak!!!

4 thoughts on “lonDon?

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      yun nga!

      thanks… i just wish that this plan would push through coz i really wanted to go there…

      oO nga long johns… theres this sea exhibit/scene in enterprise right? saw it from bench? baka i’ll visit that exhibit…


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