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LJ Filler

A day in the life of... YOU???
TO-DO-LIST: You mainly use your LJ to keep track of
things you have to do, which, trust me, is NOT
what people normally use journals for. The
brutal truth is that nobody really cares that
you have to go pick up your laundry on 6th
Avenue at 4:00 and that you need to remember to
pick up peanut butter from the grocery store.
Try writing about something interesting (and
personal) for a change.

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what a coincedence?!!!

Livejournal Mood Ring

is emotionally distant.

I bet no one’s surprised that you never post your current mood. In fact, I bet most of your friends are so sick of you locking them out of your life that they hate you behind your back. Shame.

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walang kapararakang mga bagay

gosh.. this is supos 2 b a sorrowy… sadd… gloomy post but… im too tired to be sad now.

i just want to… rest & stuff … rain last night drained all the power out of me… we we’re stuck in monumento for hours … for no reason … then…. when i went to my street there’s flood & its too late to get some tricycle… so i have to take off my shoes & … leptospirosis (spell?) comes to mind… then when i went home im too tired to even sleep & i have to wake up early coz of work

tapos… dapat kasabay ko si itay ngunit iniwan ko siya dahil mabagal siya…

only to find out that theres no jeepney out. i was thinking of calling my father but again this pride gots in the way…

pano ba naman, iniwan ko nga siya para mauna ako tapos sasabay rin pala ako. kahiya di ba?

so i left the house @ six & was able to get the office @ 10. so i have to stay late coz we’re finishing stuff & aRgh! just thinking of it makes me more tired now. i wish i can just sit & listen to the radio.

di bale maganda naman ang mga tugtugin @ kanta ni enya. sana madala ako ng mahiwagang boses niya…

i always wanted a killer post. th eone that people wopuld talk about. but all of my post are just …. whining… hayyy… i promise myself that tomorrow will be different! Promise!

if you’re planning on upgrading to this opti-sim fr globe wag muna, i did & nothings change with my cell.

Money makes the world go round?

Party people i have my salary already yey!

Now i can pay all the credits that i have. I just wish that i can change my ways… im an impulse buyer & i buy everything i see… even when i dont freakin need it.

I push a friend away while im whining about being broke & all… now i miss him amd i dont know what to do? answer is simple, all i need is to call him & … hope everything will be alright…. but this pride… its… its stoppin me… i told him not to call me anymore & here i am calling him…


Flight cancelled

i am so broke right now. i owe my bank, my parents, my sister… luckily i dont have much friends… else, probably owe them now too.

it all started with a good job with a good pay with a nice boss…

i always knew things are too good to be true…. & tarannnn!!!!

company is bankrupt… okay im not sure but i know that we are not getting our salary since ummm… june?

getting by with a lil help fr cred cards… but how long till they hunt my head…

my trip to london might get cancelled too… i knew it… i should never have talked about it in public… aRgh! i have an interview w/ the embassy how else can i smile when i dont have my freakin salary yet! Argh!

but… i can only worry as much. all i can do is think of ways to have fast money… clean fast money…

i think i have to sell my books… but… thas all that i have… oh…oh my… im really hopeless… when hope is gone man is dead?

cat on my lap

im typing thi with this cat on my lap. he wanted to sit on the keyboard but….

i am a member of this:Club Pinoycentral
-You have to register by text to become a Club Pinoycentral member. Simply text CLUB and send to 2366! You will then receive a very easy Trivia Question which you have to answer. Text your answer together with your name, address, age and civil status.
-If your answer is correct, you will automatically become a club member. Plus, you will get 20 bonus stars instantly or just 10 stars away from earning your first reward.
-Remember, only one name and address will be considered for each cellphone number.

now all i want to do is text anything & everything with 2366 in it… aRgh!

but at least i can get some of these:
Premium Rewards beginning September 2003
-get Bigger rewards like ABS-CBN Studio Tours, prepaid cards, SM Gift Checks, SM Movie Cards, Star Cinema VCDs, Star Records CDs, Star Studio and Food Magazine 6 month subscriptions. Add the starts you earn every month and exchange premium rewards even if you have used these stars to get a monthly rewards!

i also am obssesed with the BIGDATE PROMO: eating all the ice cream that i can get my hands on… i want that bettle!!!!!