cat on my lap

im typing thi with this cat on my lap. he wanted to sit on the keyboard but….

i am a member of this:Club Pinoycentral
-You have to register by text to become a Club Pinoycentral member. Simply text CLUB and send to 2366! You will then receive a very easy Trivia Question which you have to answer. Text your answer together with your name, address, age and civil status.
-If your answer is correct, you will automatically become a club member. Plus, you will get 20 bonus stars instantly or just 10 stars away from earning your first reward.
-Remember, only one name and address will be considered for each cellphone number.

now all i want to do is text anything & everything with 2366 in it… aRgh!

but at least i can get some of these:
Premium Rewards beginning September 2003
-get Bigger rewards like ABS-CBN Studio Tours, prepaid cards, SM Gift Checks, SM Movie Cards, Star Cinema VCDs, Star Records CDs, Star Studio and Food Magazine 6 month subscriptions. Add the starts you earn every month and exchange premium rewards even if you have used these stars to get a monthly rewards!

i also am obssesed with the BIGDATE PROMO: eating all the ice cream that i can get my hands on… i want that bettle!!!!!

2 thoughts on “cat on my lap

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      mahal mura

      he he… 2.00/send …if you have plan. aha… i want ti kill myself when my phone bills arrives… kept on saying… next time ill save.. next next time … but i still wont stop using the phone… arGh…

      hey how are you n?


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