Money makes the world go round?

Party people i have my salary already yey!

Now i can pay all the credits that i have. I just wish that i can change my ways… im an impulse buyer & i buy everything i see… even when i dont freakin need it.

I push a friend away while im whining about being broke & all… now i miss him amd i dont know what to do? answer is simple, all i need is to call him & … hope everything will be alright…. but this pride… its… its stoppin me… i told him not to call me anymore & here i am calling him…


5 thoughts on “Money makes the world go round?

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      eh kasi naman

      if i knew that i’ll die ill probably go to him & sleep with him.. yIpes! and hug him till that time.. but …

      hayyy… i was riding this bus last night and i was just looking out… i terribly miss him… i know its all my fault, he started it but he already said he’s sorry & yet i told him to stay away.. kaasar… cge n nga i’ll try calling him… hope this works… if he’s mad @ least i have a reaction fr him… ganun ko ciya k miss!

      1. gabrielascrib

        Re: eh kasi naman

        good for you.

        then the ball will be in his court, not yours. if he doesn’t make a move then at least you have the minute satisfaction that you did what you could. if he does throw it back . . . well, then . . . that’s a whole new ball game. 😀

  1. bench

    I would have advised you about money but I stopped myself. Oo nga pala, pera mo yan at wala akong pakialam. I was like you when I started to work and I hated people telling me what to do with my salary.

    So…..enjoy! 🙂

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      actually… i think i need to join credit cards anonymous now. baby bench.. i have to admit i need help… ‘elp!

      but your right… maybe i have to learn this on my own. hayyy buhay…


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