walang kapararakang mga bagay

gosh.. this is supos 2 b a sorrowy… sadd… gloomy post but… im too tired to be sad now.

i just want to… rest & stuff … rain last night drained all the power out of me… we we’re stuck in monumento for hours … for no reason … then…. when i went to my street there’s flood & its too late to get some tricycle… so i have to take off my shoes & … leptospirosis (spell?) comes to mind… then when i went home im too tired to even sleep & i have to wake up early coz of work

tapos… dapat kasabay ko si itay ngunit iniwan ko siya dahil mabagal siya…

only to find out that theres no jeepney out. i was thinking of calling my father but again this pride gots in the way…

pano ba naman, iniwan ko nga siya para mauna ako tapos sasabay rin pala ako. kahiya di ba?

so i left the house @ six & was able to get the office @ 10. so i have to stay late coz we’re finishing stuff & aRgh! just thinking of it makes me more tired now. i wish i can just sit & listen to the radio.

di bale maganda naman ang mga tugtugin @ kanta ni enya. sana madala ako ng mahiwagang boses niya…

i always wanted a killer post. th eone that people wopuld talk about. but all of my post are just …. whining… hayyy… i promise myself that tomorrow will be different! Promise!

if you’re planning on upgrading to this opti-sim fr globe wag muna, i did & nothings change with my cell.

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