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Networking Nights

anybody wants to go here…. Im going so i’ll probably see you there…FREE FOODIES he he he…


>Entrepreneur Magazine=20
> September 24, 2003=20
> Dear friend of Entrepreneur Philippines,=20
> Earn during the holiday season!=20
> Attend Entrepreneur’s 33rd Networking Night and find out the =
>many business opportunities the holiday season has to offer! Entitled =
>Tiangge: ‘Tis the Season to Make Money!, the event will take place on =
>September 30, 2003 (Tuesday), 6pm – 9pm at the Guadalajara Room of =
>Caf=E9 Lupe Family Restaurant, EDSA Guadalupe, Makati City.=20
> To inspire and enlighten us, we have invited three holiday =
>entrepreneurs. Ms. Bing Joaquin of Global Planners, Ms. Mhalu =
>Agustin-Pamis of Jamactech, and Ms. Cecily Mabasa of Whimsy Bags.=20
> As always, cocktails and drinks are on us. Just bring =
>yourself and listen to informative talks while you get the chance to win =
>special prizes and meet potential business partners. Attendance is free =
>of charge, but since many would like to attend and we can only =
>accommodate up to 150 guests, please present a copy of the current issue =
>of Entrepreneur magazine at the registration table. Or if you don’t have =
>one, copies of the October 2003 issue will be on sale at the venue.=20
> =20
> This October, Entrepreneur Philippines looks into the local =
>holiday phenomenon known as TIANGGE. This issue tells you how to =
>organize a bazaar, how to join one, and features the testimonials of =
>three bazaar champs. We’ll also show you where the action is with a =
>comprehensive listing of bazaar organizers and schedules! Discover too =
>how you can put up your own bar and restaurant. Finally, in Be Your Own =
>Boss, the magazine will show you where to look for money to grow your =
> Read these great stories plus many other tips on management, =
>marketing, finance, and technology for small businesses this October. =
>The Entrepreneur October 2003 issue will be available next week at your =
>favorite bookstores and magazine stands.=20
> To confirm your attendance to the networking night, please =
>fill out the attached Reply Form and send it back through email at =
> or fax it to 637-2206. We will =
>accommodate the first 150 individuals who will reply immediately.=20
> See you there!=20
> Michelle Villaflor
> Marketing and Promotions Associate
> Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines=20

dirty sanchez

okay few LJ friends help!

i need to know what dirty sanchez is?

just a topic on one egrp that im a member of and they wont tell me what dirty s means… so there anyone who knows HELP!

i have a subscription to MYHOME magazine, with the subs i was suppose to get a pasta gift but im near my last issue… still no pasta. when i called them… they forgotten about me… send a letter to the management… now they’re sending me me pasta plus some more gifts.. har har…

but they shouldnt forget about me coz i love their magazine, now im loving other home magazine REAL LIVING!

im also a subscriber to working mom. i dont really know why but im not a mom yet. guess im dizzy when i sign up. i want to subcribe to MEG magazine and seventeen…

hayyyy… the magazine whore in me….

social climber

went to this entrepeneur power lunch. im on a wok vcay so i register and went to the power lunch. i just walk from mega to linden, in fairness malayo yun ha. so when i reach the place im sweating like i just went from a jog!!!

e lahat ng lolo @ lola dun… super made up. kaya i feel like a wreck. but there was this lady who talk to me and i sat on the niecst table! every bosy is receprive of each and everyone of us.

libre pa food!!!! he he… next time i’ll do it again!

plus ive learned so much about franchising that i want to have a business na kaso no freakin money to back up that dream oh well…


3rd FRANCHISE LUNCH for 2003

We are confirming your attendance in Entrepreneur’s Franchise Lunch on September 17, 2003 at the 4th Floor, Function Room of The Linden Suites, # 37 San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City. 11am-2pm

See you there!

Best regards,

Michelle M. Villaflor
Marketing & Promotions Associate
Entrepreneur Philippines

this will keep me busy for the moment. i hope that this lunch thingy will take all my worris away even if its for a liltle while.

i wonder what will make me wake up tomorrow. he he he…

im on a vacation from work but i still have some work docs reading to do. ive been living in my jimjams. my sleepwear as daywear????? how pathetic is that????????

i have invites for cosmo bachelor bash but i wasnt able to get it…. sayang… its nice to ogle at guys p naman…. nyways… wish we goodluck… U

cheeky girls

last friday, i saw the cheeky girls in megamall…. my sister won the my myx meet the cheeky girls contest and she did.

the 2 cheeky girls are like robots. they dance when they perform. they smile when theres a camera… they answer when theres a question.

they look like mannequins from a far and look fake when one is near.

they’re not that nice but are accomodating i guess… plus myx cameraman is cute so i cant ask for more.

today is my birthday. and i feel so sad coz nobody amongs my family greeted me personally. weidr is that we’re all in the house but they all greeted me thru text. how cruel is that?

and im broke still so right now all thats in my minds is how i can pay my debts…

plus when monday comes… im doom….

so how can i be happy. can someone greet me personally pls.

dang! im human… i need real lovin’

happy bday to me i guess.


i use to write a lot. ideas would just hit my head & i have this urge to write anytime. and i have published works … but now … no matter what i do… i cant even write short paragraph…

i wish those days will be back when i can finally write again… i wish ideas will be

like tears flowing non-stop…

like pain that will just burst at no time…

like love that i cant control…

unlike happiness that i cant have.

unlike freedom that is to far…

unlike beauty that is impossible…

unlike a man that dont want me..


i wish i can be creative again…

i wish i wish i wish i wish… hayyyy

book fair

The 24th Manila International Book Fair
August 30- September 7, 2003 • 10 am- 8pm

Megatrade Hall, 5th level
Bldg B, SM Megamall Mandaluyong City

Exciting giveaways are in store for you!


Went here. Saw lot of titles. Damn! Im broke how the hell can i have all the books that i wanted. so i just content myself with freebies! Bags, fans bookmarks & Neil Gaiman’s post card. And then i just roam around like a masochist… coz im just hurting myself knowing that i cant buy the babies that im seeing… bhu hu hu….