jan 1, 2004. 3am

were driving back home when we saw a ri0t…. were like 10-15 meters away ( 0ur car that is) and they are so violent throwing stuff like chairs and stones and what have y0us…. then there was this b0y/man w/ a big knife & he stabbed an0ther man… it was very traumatic…

kinda like a premonition that this will be a very bad year for me…

luckily all my small cuz are sleeping else it will be traumatic for then 2….

i dream of the scene… the stabbing scene everytime, every night since the nu year…

so nw i still havent got a decent sleep… aRgh!!!! ill be nuts….

what do i need 2 d0 2 f0rget???????????

i just want 2 sleep…


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