0r lack 0f it… hayyy i cant sleep h?

yesterday my l0la visited r h0use… i th0ught she will like greet us hapi nu year un pala maniningil ng utang n napakatagal na naming nabayaran…

hayyy… she just gave me & my parents a serm0n… it hurt my m0ther…. n0 matter h0w 0ld my l0la is… i felt really mad @ her…. 4 hurting my m0ther… i hate her… tinarayan p kami ng ut0l k d2… like were n0t part 0f her clan… sakit! shes w/ her 0ther ap0s wh0 willing 2 play tngits w/ her…

maybe she d0nt like us c0z me & my sister d0nt play w/ her… we dnt really kn0w any cardgames….

s0 im mad but then i cnt really tell 8 2 her face so i have 2 cry alone…

my family 0n my father side is really mad… they are all sucker 4 my grandparents m0ney…. all my tatay’s sibling wants is 2 have a c0ntrl 0n her (mu l0la) c0z she can be (c0ntrolled)… matanda na mga kasi eh… kami… we d0nt really j0in them in the kurak0t gig per0 kami pa rin ang pinagiinitan nila…

she was never a l0la t0 me…. she will attend my c0usins bday, graduati0n, wedding… but never my bday… r graduation….

i just wish that she will treat us as a relative kasi ap0 nya rin naman ak0 eh


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