Monthly Archives: April 2004

Angel thoughts

When I was still in school, there was this angel segment on MEL n Jay. A girl there said that if you want to meet your guardian angel pray for it before sleep and think about it hard before finally catching some zzzzzz…

Then you will hear his name. no specific ways but you will just meet him/her?

Did this. Prayed hard and I even wrote a letter saying I want to meet you my angel and I put that paper inside my pillow. Then woke up at dawn, heard a whisper in my ear… cain! Half sleep half awake I went back to bed because school will start in the afternoon so I have the whole morning to sleep he he…

Is Cain an angel name? It should end with EL right? Like micheal, uriel, Archangel… etc. So I always talk to Cain!

Me: aren’t you the one who killed your brother?
Cain: …

Me: why am I so unlucky?
Cain: …

Me: Where are you my angel?
Cain: …

Me: Am I beautiful?
Cain: …

I wonder if Cain still lurks around (its been awhile since I last talk to him). Maybe he grew tired of my whining and flew away back to errr… heaven?

Got this from Checkerberry

Fifteen Years Ago: I’m wondering why I still have no mens when all of my classmates had theirs. High school and still palaying tag! Plus im really happy because all of my friends have pimples and I don’t and I can eat anything without gaining anything.

Ten Years Ago: I finally have my mens and I freakin double my size. Now I am a pig with big pimples.

Five Years Ago: I am enjoying work @ Nakpil + Ass(ociates). Working with nice people who is always there to help. Small salary but great friends. Plus there are mentors willing to teach.

Two Years Ago: I am earning more than I wish for. Spending all my money on unimportant stuff like tops and shoes and mobile phones and shampoo(?). [And now I’m broke.. ha ha.. life!]

Yesterday: Send some (25 pieces) letters to a grocery spree contest. That is what I become, a contest whore. Oh! I also ate chowking Halo Halo… yum yum!

Today: I don’t have plans but I will probably tweeze my eyebrows so that I will look like a girl again. Apply lotion to get rid of the hair in my hands and feet and arms! Then attend a children’s party and eat spaghetti like a pig! Pay our car insurance in the bank. Shampoo my itchy hair. Condition with Pantene. Buzzy day for me pala!

Tomorrow: I will call people and verify what ever happened to a parcel that I sent through them. And I will also check with my bank because I haven’t received my statement since last month.

Next week I will: Probably mourn and sulk and whine, whichever comes first.

Next year I will: Probably be dead because of all the problems that I have in my head or my ulcer. Or I will be happy because I’ve been forever sad this year. Or I will be married because somewhere along the way I’ve met my prince. Or it will be more nothingness. Possibilities are endless!

venting out

I’m so mad with my boss because he said that he’ll be paying my credit card loan last Friday latest yesterday (Monday) and when I checked he really didn’t.

I don’t have my salary for six months when im with him but I don’t want to leave the company thinking it’ll have another chance to stand up and beat opponents but it didn’t and im jobless and have loans that I can never imagine.

He always promises that hey I’ll pay next week and next week truned into months and years. 2003 pa nya ko papasweduhin!!!! Anong date nab a ngayun??????????

But up until now. still nothing. I said goodbye already but I guess its too late. I sold a lot of my stuff just to pay my credit card loans but it will never stop ballooning unless I paid it in full. I never sk for my whole six months salary but just for him to pay my credit cards.

What is my credit card bill? Just a six of what im suppose to get from him and he cant still pay it.

Credit card company cancelled all my account already and I am fuckin black listed already!!!!

If he told me beforehand like six months ago that he can never really pay me or the company’s loan I could have had a time to find new job and pay that freakin bill on time!!!!

But he didn’t!!!! up until now!!!!

AAGHHHH!!!! Puro kamalasan talaga ang buhay kohhhhh!!!!


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