Angel thoughts

When I was still in school, there was this angel segment on MEL n Jay. A girl there said that if you want to meet your guardian angel pray for it before sleep and think about it hard before finally catching some zzzzzz…

Then you will hear his name. no specific ways but you will just meet him/her?

Did this. Prayed hard and I even wrote a letter saying I want to meet you my angel and I put that paper inside my pillow. Then woke up at dawn, heard a whisper in my ear… cain! Half sleep half awake I went back to bed because school will start in the afternoon so I have the whole morning to sleep he he…

Is Cain an angel name? It should end with EL right? Like micheal, uriel, Archangel… etc. So I always talk to Cain!

Me: aren’t you the one who killed your brother?
Cain: …

Me: why am I so unlucky?
Cain: …

Me: Where are you my angel?
Cain: …

Me: Am I beautiful?
Cain: …

I wonder if Cain still lurks around (its been awhile since I last talk to him). Maybe he grew tired of my whining and flew away back to errr… heaven?

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