venting out

I’m so mad with my boss because he said that he’ll be paying my credit card loan last Friday latest yesterday (Monday) and when I checked he really didn’t.

I don’t have my salary for six months when im with him but I don’t want to leave the company thinking it’ll have another chance to stand up and beat opponents but it didn’t and im jobless and have loans that I can never imagine.

He always promises that hey I’ll pay next week and next week truned into months and years. 2003 pa nya ko papasweduhin!!!! Anong date nab a ngayun??????????

But up until now. still nothing. I said goodbye already but I guess its too late. I sold a lot of my stuff just to pay my credit card loans but it will never stop ballooning unless I paid it in full. I never sk for my whole six months salary but just for him to pay my credit cards.

What is my credit card bill? Just a six of what im suppose to get from him and he cant still pay it.

Credit card company cancelled all my account already and I am fuckin black listed already!!!!

If he told me beforehand like six months ago that he can never really pay me or the company’s loan I could have had a time to find new job and pay that freakin bill on time!!!!

But he didn’t!!!! up until now!!!!

AAGHHHH!!!! Puro kamalasan talaga ang buhay kohhhhh!!!!


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