Collaborate with experts in their own fields. You will learn a lot, not to mention also about what makes them successful.
– Lala Flores

2 thoughts on “COSMO SUCCESS TIP for today!

  1. psychebutterfly

    hey *~*~

    no, i dont mind if you add me, as long as you dont direct people to my journal. i tend to keep it very private *^_~*. could you tell me a little about yourself though? im 17, female, and i live in washington state. how about you?

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      Re: hey *~*~

      Hey yah!

      Im from Manila and im a girl. I am old n, 28 yipes… i’m an architecture grad he he… but im a bum. I really really love magazines and especially Chalk and Pink Magazine fr ABS-CBN Publishing. Few people read the magazine so its almost a secret p…

      Well don’t worry about getting sighted by a lot of people because I don’t have much friend he he… and if you will look closer I don’t really have comments on my LJ… im a newbie here actually. Been reading LJ since long time ago but was only able to get a (free) account from a friend.

      Pink (almost a sister company of Chalk) have this contest wherein you will submit a top design and if your design is good they will give you a chance to style models.. I joined that… im a late bloomer… I just realize that I like fashion design too.. not far fr architecture really as its about designing…

      Yipes I think that Ive said to much already… I hope that we will be friends!


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