Monthly Archives: April 2004

wish ko lang

Yay! I’m a late friendster bloomer!!! I have found few friends because of it and I feel nice. I havent seen the guys from like 10 years and I suddenly have contact with them again. I think that my list will grow and I hope to find some more people that I wanted to see (guys who helped me with my thesis and guys im with sa mga gigs). I think an EB will follow. Hope that they are not as successful as I think they are. Salbahe no? kasi if they are I’ll feel inferior lalo. You know how I have this low self-esteem problem at the moment. That is why I wish them to be successful lang… not very very he he…

ps. see my new userpics… its the san agustin church garden! this is where im getting marriedif ever!!

OPen up open up!

I think I’m a bit opening up now. I told my friends about this account. They didn’t know that I have one. I think they didn’t know LJ in general he he…

Kc they are not self-proclaimed computer junkie like me. They only use PC for work. Plus they have social life so.. yun uy I’m not implying that all PC junkie have no social life hah? Ako lang he he. I hope they will visit naman. Weird noh. I really cant force them to stay longer in front of PC talaga. I cant even force them to have friendster!!!

Shop till you drop dead?

The freakin’ shopping spree was moved to another date. Sayang I’m really excited to assist my sister already. The girl from summit said that she still needs to contact other people and she also said that I can join her in the shopping. She knows me? Weird, maybe because I have entries too and maybe that’s the reason why. Else, I’m really that famous ha ha! NOT! I’m really sluggish in the afternoon because of not sleeping early. What can I do im excited about that spree eh. I wonder since the girl from summit said I can join ‘em, will I have the makeover chuva rin? Or will I have pictorial too? Gosh! I’m really not presentable, I have thousand of pimples and one. I will try to hide among the file of clothes na lang if ever. Or loose in the background. Argh! Now I am harassed too (like my sister)!

Measure of self worth 2

I wish I have life like my LJ friends. Full of color and drama and sex and traveling and confusion. Believe me guys it is always better that nothing which is what I have. hey I learn a new html today..the small command, not bad huh?

I wish I am my sister. Sure of herself, pretty and lotsa boys are after her. Or I wish that I am someone else period. Hayyy… my life really really sucks


Measure of self worth

I’ve read the ads and there are lots of CAD Op positions. I’m just a bit scared to apply at the moment as my self-esteem is so low that I don’t even want to go out. Aha so that’s the reason why you are updating your LJ so much ha? Plus I don’t have the money to send my resumes to all that companies!

My old boss actually needs a CAD Op but I’m scared to face him. I cant look him in the eye. He looks at me as an okay person. If he will find out that I flunked the architecture board exam baka he’ll changed his mind and think that I’m a freakin’ failure which I am, that’s why it hurts more.

Shopaholic Anonymous

I’m waiting for Tuesday since it’s the time for my sister to claim her shopping spree prize!!!! Yey!

I’m planning on buying all those ESPRIT stuff. The works! Pants, tops, bags… oh my I can’t wait!!!! My sister will have this makeover and pictorial, which she is scared of. Buti na lang its not me. My face is not for the glossies really. I have this new set of constellation of pimples and they are not going to disappear soon enough. I know so.


I have written a long entry last night and LJ didn’t post it so I have learned my lesson. I will write it in word first b4 posting!


It is a very slow day for me. And HOT!!!! its really hot ain’t it. You move and swoosh… sweat will just pour into my body… I’m dripping wet. He he.. buti na lang I have secret *puts one finger in lips like that motel logo*. I really wish to go to the beach.