Got from MArie!

A-Age: 28
B-Blood Type: O-

C-Candy you prefer: Anything chocolate.

D-Dream that frequently returns: a guy whose a high school classmate… chito

E-Easiest person to talk to: cherry my best friend & bagel my sister

F-Favorite songs at the moment: michelle branch’s old songs

G-Game you currently play: er… snake

H-Hometown: malabon!

I-Instruments: guitar!

J-Job you wanted to get once: slayer like buffy!

K-Kind of things you collect: books

L-Longest Car ride ever: From metro CEBU to Escalante in Negros!

M-Mean of transportation you prefer: MRT!

N-Number of siblings: 1

O-Oldest sibling: My sibling is younger than me.

P-Phobia[s]: fire… fast bus in EDSA!

Q-Quote you like: early to bed early to rise!

R-Reason to smile: won a prize from me magazine

S-Song you sang last: indigo girls’ power of two

T-Time you wake up: 8:30ish

U-Unknown fact about me: i like hoola hoops & jumping rope

V-Vegetable you hate: OKRAY!

W-Worst habit: Staying up too late.

X-X-rays you’ve had: dental & chest!

Y-Yummy food: choc nut!

Z-Zodiac sign: Virgo!

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