The making of a stalker

I said that I am looking for him. I still do and this time it’s a bit disturbing because I’ve been dreaming of him even when I’m awake he he… should think of other things… divert my mind.

I saw his name on friendster and he is inactive coz he like log in late last year pa. I hope that he will check it again so that he’ll know that I add him. But like all the crushes that I have this too shall pass. He he… or NOT!

May is so slow I hope its June already. Why? I don’t know. There are lots of things that I don’t know nowadays… like dates & time & that there’s a storm that’s wreaking havoc to the country. I am all here at home curled up & protected from all the fears & pains & well the storm… protected not by the force field that I’ve created. Ha! Nobody can harm me in my room… except meself.

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