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like ko yun result!!!!

Congratulations you are Hermione Granger!

The sensitive muggle born girl with brains. Without Hermione, Harry and Ron would have to take their own notes!

What Harry Potter character are you?



i have dream of you last night i didnt know why? you are mu classmate in high school & never heard from you again or any news of you. i know you kick ass in UP Manila though. i look up to you so high. i wonder if you are already a doctor? in my dream you are someone special. i really really like dreams like that. i feel good in the morning. i looked for you in freindster & you are there but you logged like light years ago & now im lost. where are thou chito????


I have to go to the bank and it is a bit raining and I don’t have an umbrella and there’s no shed to run to and I walk in the rain and I feel wee better because of the drops from heaven.

Now I feel a bit sick and my head is pounding. Hah! *sneeze*

Saw Matrix Revo. Finally! Saw the ending. Its quite nice if I might say. Lot of dudes cant understand it… the ending and the never ending dialogue of the architect in reloaded… he he… I try not to think too much when I watch films and just try to enjoy the cgi’s & other movie computer magic… its really nice though theres really nothing new in the film. No shock value. I also saw Italian job.. Im now more frustrated with the fact that I cant freakin drive. *sneeze* I want to learn how to… but I’m scared!!!!!! & no one wants to teach me. I cant enroll in schools coz it cost too much… my father who is a prof driver will not teach me… sabi ni ama: its important for me to learn from schools because they have outline & lesson plans. They are tackling everything in there while if he’s the one who’ll teach me, kulang. I have a car pa naman **yabang!**… he he … it’s a loan and im still paying for it.. errr… since im jobless my ‘rents are paying for it. Its a Lancer 2003 model. White. I want a silver or black or even red but my father needs white do that he can use it for work. Actually it’s his loan he just used my name for bank thingy ek ek *sneeze*coz I have a job then & its easier if I will be the one to apply for the loan… so yun. When he’s resting, the car is just there and nobody uses it. If I’ll have enough cash I want *sneeze* to learn how to drive!!!!

I have the UNDERWORLD vcd & ill watch it later even of im sick coz I have to return it right up. *sneeze* Can’t resist scott speedman… ben!


hek hek

didnt think that i’ll have this score…im really really slow with words & grammar nowadays… idle mind… need to read a killer book…anybosy want to lend da vinci code???????????

Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
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really like the weather he he… hope itll stay that way the whole freakin day!!!

lets careen!!!!

This week’s theme: words from Kerri Sakamoto’s novel, One Hundred Million Hearts
careen vi: 3 : to sway from side to side : LURCH [reference: Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 10th edition]

“I arrive home breathless from a careening taxi ride that has slid me from side to side on the cold cracked seat .” – Kerri Sakamoto, One Hundred Million Hearts

got this fr pex