What will you do if you like a guy too much so much that you wouldn’t even tell it to your closest friends because its this one thing that you want for yourself, and this guy suddenly shows up wanting to court your bestest friend and being the bestest friend that you are to them both… you just support them to whatever they wanted as long as they are happy and I am not…bhu huh u

I didn’t like the guy that much na… but it just hurts that … that … I don’t know it just hurt that he is courting my best friend.

They texted me pa nga that they are together… ako naman plastic… tukso to death pa ako sa kanila… deep inside… it hurts like hell… buti na lang..tears don’t show sa text else… buking!

di bale… im busy with new things naman like I have this new job. I am working with my old boss who is the best! He is really a nice mentor… its just that his PC sucks. BAGAL!!!! As in!

I just wish that this new job will work out coz it’s the only thing that I have at the moment.

Cant show up in my friends tambayan pa coz im scared that they’ll know that im hurting…


I bought a small Lee Tshirt that fits really well. It is orange and black and me navel sometimes show.

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