Something to sleep to at night…

Ive been up since 2am… he he…

something hurt… MY TATTTTToooooo!!!!

yeah i have one already after years and years of wanting it i now have one!!!!

but it hurts like hell… i fainted nga ata… i thought im like just sleeping then i woke up saw donuts (brazenskies)..kahiya ever! it helps though coz i miss on all the pain … coz when i gained conciousness tapos na!

But it just made this whole thingy more memorable…

donuts is really nice… most gentleman gay ever!

it a small flower thingy lang…

anybody knows where to buy pirated installer?

i know i know…. its stealing but its expensive to buy one & ill just practice anyways coz i want to have a better job…

i need AUTOVIZ ver 4 installer. Its this 3d thingy… 3d max will do na rin… its the same thing anyways…

good am!

2 thoughts on “Something to sleep to at night…

  1. drealkulit

    o_0 Large font! 😛

    Congrats on the tat!! Inggit ako! But then, i’m taking the fact that the design I want changes every other week as a sign that i’m not ready for one yet. 😉

    Installers can be found in any CD tsange (sp?). There are a lot in UM beside La Salle and in Greenhills. Careful with the Autoviz you’re buying. Keep the receipt and make sure you can return it after trying. My friend keeps on getting non-working/semi-working ones.

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      I actually have the VIZ installer but it doesnt work & i cant return it coz i dont remember where i bought it. how stupid no? i didnt kno if its my PC or the installer but its the installer i guess…

      thanks ill try Univ Mall first coz its smaller & maybe try greenhiils n lang laterz.


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