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hear yey!

got this fr my alamat egrps…  i dont know but i want to submit but i dont have a soundtrack at the moment…hmmmmm

after much discussion, the fifth issue of the UP Writers Club’s
official indie publication LitAppLite, will now be called THIS IS THE
SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR LIFE, its content being, as you might have guessed,
influenced by / or about music, and its editor being yours truly, Adam

LitAppLite #5: THIS IS THE SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR LIFE is now open for
submissions, from today (August 28, 2004) until the third week of
September of this year (September 24, 2004), which means you have
roughly one month to come up with something.

it being about music, the works should preferably be about music.
going through the topic, what i had in mind was a collection of
500-word essays on music, more specifically certain songs and how they
have changed society, or maybe touched you somewhere deep, or maybe
where you were when that song was number one, that sort of thing.

after talking about it with some people, it has been revealed to me
that THIS IS THE SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR LIFE can be something more than
just a collection of 500-word essays. music being as varied as
internet porn, i tried to come up with a wider range of selections a
budding writer like you might be interested in, um, selecting, for
your doubtlessly scintillating piece, once you get around to writing
it, of course.

so, any of these, please, for the fifth issue of LitAppLite:

1. 500-word rosy prose/essays
2. poetry/songs, not too excessive, just right
3. xerox art, postcard art, mail art, black & white art
4. black & white photos, to be halftoned
5. comic strips, of course, me being a biased editor
6. lists of things of the musical sort
7. short interviews of pleasing personalities of the musical sort

as long as they are well within the parameters of the publication (ie,
being about music)

any of those things, on these topics:

1. songs that move you, amuse you, irritate you, love you back like a
warm kitten rubbing itself against your thigh
2. gadgets, like walkmen, or discmen, or iPods, if you have enough
money for them
3. media, like CDs, cassettes, vinyl records, those wide 8-track loopers
4. instruments, like stratocasters, les pauls, zlidjan cymbals,
reichenbacher bass, fretless guitars, parker flies, those fucking
expensive parker flies
5. bands that move you, amuse you, touched you in a very different
way, like a DOM from DFPP
6. certain personalities, like old juan de la cruz band groupies, or
vernon went, or some punks by your village’s gate, waiting for the
moon to rise
7. concert reviews
8. appreciations of certain music genres, from pop to punk

in a nutshell: April Boy to Boy George, Billy Joel to Billy Idol,
Blind Melon to Ray Charles, etcetera etcetera etcetera.

save the pieces as RTF, write them down in Filipino or in English, or
both. as long as they’re legible, and make some sort of sense, i’ll
read them.

supposedly, this will only be open for people inside the UP Writers
Club, but i feel that that’d be too limiting of a source, so i’ve
decided to open it up for everyone, which doesn’t necessarily mean
that everyone’s pieces will be published in the publication, oh no. if
it’s crap, it’ll probably end up in the online version. but if it’s
good, well, you’ll have it on photocopied paper.

send all queries and submissions to me, Adam David, at deadline is, again, at September 24, 2004.
the publication’s title will be THIS IS THE SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR LIFE.

for the introduction, i shall attempt to write something with chords
and tabs incorporated into it. wish me luck.

thank you, and please pass this message to people you think would be
interested. post it in your blog, print it out and pin it on to your
bulletin board, in the faculty, in the lounge, in the girls’ bathroom.

– adam david


yey i have DSL in the office na!!!

*doing the happy dance**

can download anything already… wooohoooo!!!

plus ive won some stuff fr CELINE LOPEZ!!!! Yes celine the writer @ philstar!!!!! join this contest @ youngstar magazine and ive won her personal stuff thingys… the magazine gave me bracelet, lipstick (unuse!), a makeup book.. a BIG.. and i mean big sun glass!!! i actually havent seen the stuff yet… my sister just texted me that they have the package na!!!


pangit saw the bracelet…. hmmm… wonder if i can sell it on bidshot he he… bracelet of celine for $1000.00… may pumatol kaya he he

insane in the membrane…

i am confined in the house for 3 straight days now & i think ill be nuts… no food but the one in the fridge w/c is slowly diminishing… nothing on TV… i want to go out but i cant coz its flooded and its not safe…. leprospirosis (spellcheck pls)… ack! i need some relief goods na he he… all of my stuff here are wet … i have palangana in my room kasi my tulo ang bubong… plus at night… i can hear the swoosh of the rain… and its a bit scary…

i cant sleep straight coz im afraid of waking up in the mid of water… waterworld ito!!!!  the water is not gonna leave malabon anytime soon… ala talaga …  we need amphibian na… pag yumaman ako bibili ako ng sampu nun… para when its raining i wont feel this isolated… i can go anywhere pa rin…  or a jetski! wouldt bit be fun if i have jetski now… ill jetski sa river… bangis!

havent seen dry stuff.. even the dogs are berzerk coz they cant pooo… my dog benson is crying the whole 3 days na.. and whats worst… theres no sign that the rain will stop anytime soon…


im keeping meself busy w/ spider solitaire…. cant seem to get it right… im in the mid dif level but … im havin a hard time winning… argh!

i remember having a workshop tomorrow… wonder if itll push thru… dont think they would cancel coz of me naman.. hope they would though coz this workshop is nice sana… hope they would realized that the whole metro is submerged and move the date *cross fingers***

neweys… im like tom hanks in cast away… going nuts coz i cant get out of my island… i jsut need a ball friend and im set to madolescentness… argh!

tubig ulan

went out early as i know itll be harder to get out of malabon but still cant out he he…

so i just stayed home and slept all day… i just woke up… nice! i feel re charge!!!! one positive thing rain gives!!!???  weird is that it always happen here… the flooding… so were use to it… but getting use to it is not right right??? when will malabon govt get it? its not making the roads higher!!!! its cleaning the river and making the canals bigger… as big as the road… not a 0.60m canal.. its just not enough!!!!

contractor have been doing that size ever since!!!! learn from the past!!!!


my problem is going to work tomorrow? how will i ever get to San Juan??????

just read one night in purgatory… really really nice comics story!  about bestfriends fallin for each other.. he he… sounds like someone i know…

the rain feels nice… just hope that it wont damaged anything…

ummm… hey guys! i need a new job… imagine i have to do my boss’ son assignment…well okay i just encoded it … but its not my job!!!!  had enough of him and his kakuriputan… i would understand it if he has no projects but he does and still he wont pay me… his nice but … working in his house is a big no no… coz there no free drinking water… no definite time for lunch… but i have to stay with him coz its small money is still better than nothing…

kahiya pero…. if you guys have some works for me.. like you want plans drawn or house renovated … built house… ill help you… ugh! please get me… i just need a new job…

ummm… ill go back to sleeping now he he…

i saw amazing race too… yey! finally saw it live via sat… wont have to wait till sunday!!! babu!