tubig ulan

went out early as i know itll be harder to get out of malabon but still cant out he he…

so i just stayed home and slept all day… i just woke up… nice! i feel re charge!!!! one positive thing rain gives!!!???  weird is that it always happen here… the flooding… so were use to it… but getting use to it is not right right??? when will malabon govt get it? its not making the roads higher!!!! its cleaning the river and making the canals bigger… as big as the road… not a 0.60m canal.. its just not enough!!!!

contractor have been doing that size ever since!!!! learn from the past!!!!


my problem is going to work tomorrow? how will i ever get to San Juan??????

just read one night in purgatory… really really nice comics story!  about bestfriends fallin for each other.. he he… sounds like someone i know…

the rain feels nice… just hope that it wont damaged anything…

ummm… hey guys! i need a new job… imagine i have to do my boss’ son assignment…well okay i just encoded it … but its not my job!!!!  had enough of him and his kakuriputan… i would understand it if he has no projects but he does and still he wont pay me… his nice but … working in his house is a big no no… coz there no free drinking water… no definite time for lunch… but i have to stay with him coz its small money is still better than nothing…

kahiya pero…. if you guys have some works for me.. like you want plans drawn or house renovated … built house… ill help you… ugh! please get me… i just need a new job…

ummm… ill go back to sleeping now he he…

i saw amazing race too… yey! finally saw it live via sat… wont have to wait till sunday!!! babu!

4 thoughts on “tubig ulan

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      ngeh… err… one night is purgatory is about this 2 guys who fell in love w/ eavh other… other than they’re friends who fell nako ala na atang pagkakahawig sa iyong love story…

      but read it, its good…

      kaasar lang kasi parang kaya ala nang lalaki e bading na ata lahat hu hu hu…

      alam mo i just read your post about aya… he he.. kakatuwa naman kayo… art of dating ala stars wars…

      napahalakhak nga ako … akala mother co napapraning na ang panganay nyang anak…

      1. eq_oddyssey

        in the blood

        ay naku normal na namin yan. basically we are funny people. sometimes (most of the time)we’re aning aning. you know there is this some kind of bond that makes us follow one’s advice. it never fails. and walang sisihan kse you still have free will. we usually formulate rules… and break them eventually… hope to see you soon. baha jan? dito baha.

  1. dolphin0620

    hi =) long time no posting for me.
    btw.. just a thought, why don’t you try finding a better job. i’m sure there’s one for you out there, u just need to find it. ! =)

    sino gusto mo sa amazing race??


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