insane in the membrane…

i am confined in the house for 3 straight days now & i think ill be nuts… no food but the one in the fridge w/c is slowly diminishing… nothing on TV… i want to go out but i cant coz its flooded and its not safe…. leprospirosis (spellcheck pls)… ack! i need some relief goods na he he… all of my stuff here are wet … i have palangana in my room kasi my tulo ang bubong… plus at night… i can hear the swoosh of the rain… and its a bit scary…

i cant sleep straight coz im afraid of waking up in the mid of water… waterworld ito!!!!  the water is not gonna leave malabon anytime soon… ala talaga …  we need amphibian na… pag yumaman ako bibili ako ng sampu nun… para when its raining i wont feel this isolated… i can go anywhere pa rin…  or a jetski! wouldt bit be fun if i have jetski now… ill jetski sa river… bangis!

havent seen dry stuff.. even the dogs are berzerk coz they cant pooo… my dog benson is crying the whole 3 days na.. and whats worst… theres no sign that the rain will stop anytime soon…


im keeping meself busy w/ spider solitaire…. cant seem to get it right… im in the mid dif level but … im havin a hard time winning… argh!

i remember having a workshop tomorrow… wonder if itll push thru… dont think they would cancel coz of me naman.. hope they would though coz this workshop is nice sana… hope they would realized that the whole metro is submerged and move the date *cross fingers***

neweys… im like tom hanks in cast away… going nuts coz i cant get out of my island… i jsut need a ball friend and im set to madolescentness… argh!

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