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lip balms & trenchcoat

found this new ukay place near San Juan office where i (will use to) work. I found this brown coat that i really want for PHP150.00 (ata) pesos. Cant buy it last monday so im buying it now, errr… this afternoon siguro. I hope it is still there.

Im applying to be a chatter at as a chatter. He he i just want to try this out. How one can earn by chatting with people. They sent me an essay question… i have to admit i didnt answer it well coz im answering here at werk… boss might see me…

i was again extended to work here at architects house for another 15 days. Just enough till SM MEGAMALL’s sale on ectober 15 he he … friend and i Cherry will have this new gig thingy… we’ll be doing lip balm made of honey ek ek… coz my boss gave me abottle of pure honey… might as well use it to earn… order kayo ha? ill make sure its good. kaso i lost my magazine that teaches how to do lip balm on your own… ive already downloaded how to’s but teh suppliers name is in PINK MAGAZINE. Called then and they sell back issues but i cant remember what month that ish was issued. hayyy…. challenges?????????

Im also planning on putting vitamin E para healthy yun lips ng mga clients ko.

I want to go to greenhills to buy pirated installer but i dont freakin know the place plus i have this really really bad experience kasi dun kaya i donr want to ocmeback.. na harass ako dun when i was still in college… greenhills gives me the creeps…. sa gliner yun… nothing serious but scary enough for me not to comeback to the place… ayan tuloy… im mssing a lot of things i know… greenhills is a mecca for a poor girl like mwa. lotsa bargains, lotsa cheap gadgets and installer…. hmmm… siguro ill try to conquer my fear and go there… ill try next week… *nervous**

got my salary n, Check pa rin siya ever! i have to skip work again just to encash this!!!!!!

im not that sad na! my friend CHERRY inspires me… her company is fallin apart but she have lotsa business to fall back on.. if you happen to visit NU area.. please check our her resto named FRIENDSTER (ata) they serve good tapsi!!!! visit the place its cheap!!!! she reads my LJ n! finally!


today is mooncake day!!! yey!

nix fr bench

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they are cleaning the area coz my boss’ will have a bishop for a visitor from guam! I think he is pinoy???? not sure though…

i will not go here tomorrow… dont want anything to do with any religious thingy… but wonder how bishop lives… so they err.. think of sex? hayyy… what am i thinkin’?

HMMM… i might as well go and see him.. maybe ill feel some holiness for a change… i wish…

sad sad sad

im right now… coz the job that was supos to get me out of hell is a mirage… fake!

and i have a stomach pain that i know is ulcer coz i had that same pain before… not as painful as the past but i know itll get there if i will not leave this palce… i want to say god forsaken but … the people who lives here are .. well god fearing ata… kuripot at manlalamang sa sa akin coz i let them…

so yun… im really really really sad that tears flow my face while im doing work…

i feel likt shit!!!!

what i need?

this is what i need coz my life is a freakin blah
fireworks!!! yey!

read this while browsing philippine star website…

i can so relate to this article…

hope the writer wont get freakin mad at me…

here the article:

I wish I were normal
CHUVANNESS By Cecile Zamora
The Philippine STAR 09/22/2004

When I was in school my cute, fashionable crush chose a pretty, normal, ditsy girlfriend, the complete opposite of me. I hung up a Fido Dido poster on my wall that said “Normal is boring,” to remind myself that I was special and she was not.

To this day I’m surprised to hear people still think I’m weird because I thought I had pretty much mellowed down. I stopped wearing daily fashion statements a long time ago because I got tired of people pointing at my shoes.

Weird is relative, I say. In Tokyo and London nobody stared at me. I have a friend named Gigi who would get stared at in Iloilo for wearing Wynn Wynn Ong jewelry!

The truth is, I want to be normal. Sometimes I wish I were mainstream and corporate instead of artsy and complicated.

Life would be so much easier if someone said I love this and I could honestly say I do too.

I would relate to more people and probably have more friends. I would freaking play badminton. I would be contented to live here and stop dreaming about other places.

People would stop calling me weird.

Or not.

Last week I took my sister to Fat Michael’s to visit chef Jude who is also my occasional midnight phone pal.

When I passed by the kitchen a group of very mainstream chicks in tube tops and shampoo-commercial hairstyles stared at me like an alien.

Don’t blame them though. I was wearing my knockoff Undercover “trench” coat. Take note: it is 100% cotton and Spring/Summer collection, so it is not that hot.

It wouldn’t happen if I were mainstream.

I wish I liked Mango, as in MNG. But I prefer mango, as in fruit. I always marvel at the mad rush that happens whenever MNG goes on sale. I do appreciate and check them out for accessories or an occasional miniskirt, but that’s all.

I never joined the pashmina or Jelly Kelly bandwagon and I don’t even desire the real Kelly or Birkin bags.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Hermés when Margiela was doing it, but I just can’t be interested in those expensive bags cause they’re not me. They are Martha Stewart and Kate Moss. At the risk of sounding pretentious, I prefer the less expensive granny Goyard handbag on

I’ve never seen Sex and the City or Friends. The only thing I follow religiously is Oprah. I can’t relate when people say Carrie Bradshaw is chica because my idea of chica is different.

Everybody likes Marc Jacobs. I do too. But the Marc Jacobs I like is different. I like his Scottish doll collection for Louis Vuitton. Oh, that’s one thing normal about me: I like LV.

I wish I were obsessive about gadgets and being up-to-date.

I am simply amazed at people who can rattle off Nokia model numbers. I don’t even know mine.

I had the oldest cell phone which everyone wanted me to get rid of. It was a hand-me-down from my husband. It had no special features, just predictive text which I absolutely had to have.

After how many years it got snatched out of my bag at a Vanness concert at Araneta. My dad said the snatcher probably threw it in the bin. To make up for it he gave me a high-tech phone with a camera which everybody has, so now nobody bugs me about it.

Everyone’s obsessing about an iPod. My dad gave me one but I can’t for the life of me find time to load my songs.

I don’t get the Palm either. I like pen and paper. I like going to National Bookstore to buy paper and pens which I try out in small pieces of scratch paper.

I wish I desired a Technomarine or a Rolex, but my current budget is for Swatch and Hello Kitty. If I could afford them I would rather keep the cash anyway. I’d be so paranoid to wear a second-hand car on my wrist.

I wish I could say I love fine dining and Lolo Dad’s, because everyone I know is raving about it. But my taste in food is so pedestrian, so fast food. I basically eat to live, not the other way around. I get obsessed with one dish and eat it until I’m sick of it.

I wish I enjoyed wine and cheese. I never learned how to drink coffee so you will never see me at Starbucks.

I wish I liked the beach but I can’t swim. I have never been to Boracay and have no desire to go. If only I looked good in a bathing suit.

My fashion desire is very simple: I wish I could wear a white tank top because it goes with everything. But I have issues about my arms. It is called Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I wish I could wear open-toe shoes, but I have issues about my toes.

If I were a normal girl, I would have long straight hair, wear a sleeveless top, obscenely expensive jeans, kili-kili bag, and flat pumps or flip-flops. I would hang out in Greenbelt.


How I wish I liked Greenbelt but I feel like an alien there.

but i really like an ipod.. nge he…

(read the real article here: not that theres any difference…)


use the toilet today..saw ants in the bowl..somebody in this house is sick with diabetes… should i tell or they know it already??? what if its me? use the bowl yesterday but i flushed the toilet naman noh???

plus we use arinola at home but no ants…

yes we use arinola… the toilet is far away, located outside the house… so we have to use arinola *kahiya* else we might see some bad things in the mid of the night…

not multo but crimes… just last month somebody got stabbed in the streets… you can see his blood scattered in the pavement… he died daw.. naman with all that blood lost??????? e the toilet is near the gate .. the gate is like those see through chicken fence gate thingy… mag aarinola na lang ako!

so yun

bad morning

sana lang people who knows that they will take public transpo would make an effort to take a bath…. imagine how many people will have a bad day if they’ve suddenly smell someone in the MRT who smell shitty…. imagine the suffocation if the mrt door closes na… imagine the relief if you will disembark na… and imagine the feeling if you imaginary felt that the shitty smell is already with you…


Yesterday, went with cherry to a christening party of Markus…chris’ first born… im really excited that i even bought this coat at ukay so that i can wear it there…

was reaLly problematic coz all of my classmates are reaLly working, been send to other countries and were professionals already… which means that they are earning well okay than i do… so parang i have to save me face in  a way…

tsaka my long time crush who is now showing his love to cherry is there…. i dont want che to stand out really,,salbahe ko nga eh… i want to be this totally hot chick so i wore this really really skimpy black top, cutesy pants and the black top that i bought fr UKay!  then i felt guilty coz cherry is my friend and im letting my crush..get in the freindships’ way so i decided not to go overboard w/ the wardrobe… not that i can carry it anyways… and go with the normal saturday attire that i always wear when im meeting friends…

were late when we got there… dami food! ate a lot… not many people in there too when we arrived..turns out a lot of people cancelled out… they expecting a 100 people not more than fifty came.. sayang yung food… my crush is not there either… may rayuma he he…  nicey! no pressure on me… there aer few classmates from PUP too… all looking like dads.. siguro its really like that when you got married… you are spolied by the wifey hence the extra pounds that ecerybody is carrying… you can actually guess whose married with the size of their guts he he…

followed gabrielascrib on resigning at work.. wag muna alis unless there a new work waiting for me… i have the freakin resignation letter in my hands last friday… am itching to give it to them but i controlled myself… whether i like it or not… that small salary is still a cash err… check payable to cash at the end of the month…  but i bought newspaper to look for some slots… there are quite a few… lots on overseas but i dont want to work overseas eh… not just yet…



here i am at home…went home early as my pocket is literally empty… siguro im not overly malas as believe it or not i have one peso in my MRT card.  but my heart is thumping when the train took time before arriving at cubao…. i was thinking oh god dont let it be broekn else ill jumo of from this floor…

it arrived!!!!

was able to stretch 25pesos… life in manila is grand he he… coz the money that i saved, bought some mani from the vendor wwho sells inside my bus on my way to malabon…

i am half hearted in going back to work sepecially for tomorrow… i odnt want to work there n… thing with me is that i just rant here at LJ…. but at work im really silent and patient…. another thing with me is if i had enough…. i just run away..w/o explanation either on my part nor would i listen to their’s….

on the bright side was able to catch AMAZING RACE!!!!!!!!!!

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when i say cash! its not a check payable to cash but real freakin money!!!!!!! how am i supposed to go home??????????? ha ha????????? its 3 friggin pm… the fuckin bank is already close!!!! ill walk from San Juan to Malabon????????? Dang! im freakin doom… i want to cry… i eel really miserable… im so hopeless na… nobody here to borrow money too…what am i gonna be like those people who asks for moeny coz i dont have fare moeny… im so stupid… im so stupid…