got this fr abs-cbn webby!!! yey!

Amazing Race in the Philippines!

Brace yourselves, Filipino reality TV fans. This week, Studio 23 hosts the most exciting week of reality programming local television has ever seen, with the first episode of the Philippine leg of The Amazing Race airing live from the US on Studio 23 on Wednesday, September 15, and the first live satellite airing of the new season of Survivor, Survivor Vanuatuon Friday, September 17.

Colin and Christie. Linda and Karen. Brandon and Nicole. Chip and Kim. Only four teams remain on the exciting, exhilarating race around the world known as The Amazing Race, and this Wednesday, September 15, the long-awaited Philippine leg of the Race is set to start on Studio 23. Aside from Studio 23, no other locally-available station will be airing the Philippine leg live via satellite from the US, which is the first of two Race episodes to feature the Philippines. So how exactly would resident brat Colin be able to handle the stress involved in plowing a rice field with only a traditional araro and a carabao as his tools? Will the Bowling Moms continue their surprising winning streak in New Zealand? Will Brandon and Nicole find their coiffures threatened anew? Will fan favorites Chip and Kim score an upset from their disappointing fourth-place finish in New Zealand? And will somebody – anybody – finally use the Yield?

Studio 23 will air the first Philippine leg of The Amazing Race on two separate time slots on September 15: the first, an exclusive live satellite broadcast, will commence at 9:45 AM. The encore September 15 airing is set for 6 PM, right before Wazzup Wazzup. And the regular The Amazing Race primetime airing is also set for Sunday, September 19, from 7 to 8 PM. And on September 17, the reality show that started it all continues its quest to dominate the world, as Studio 23 airs the ninth season of Survivor with Survivor: Vanuatu – Islands of Fire. The series premieres live via satellite in a special time on Friday, September 17 at 1:00 to 2:40 p.m., with subsequent episodes airing on Survivor: Vanuatu’s regular Friday schedule from 1 to 2 p.m. after Lunch Box Office.

Studio 23 has also scheduled primetime airings for Survivor: Vanuatu. The primetime airing for the season premiere is set for Sunday, September 19 at the special time of 8:30 p.m. Subsequent episodes of Survivor: Vanuatu will be set for the regular Sunday primetime slot from 7 to 8 p.m.

Eighteen new castaways. Eighty-three fiery islands. One final aim: to outwit, outplay, and outlast the entire tribe to win one million dollars and be the Survivor. It’s a tough challenge to be the first team to play the most popular reality series in US television history after the stunning Survivor: All Stars season. But series creator and executive producer Mark Burnett has some surprises up his sleeve for this, Survivor’s ninth, and some say toughest, season yet. Set in the remote waters of the South Pacific near the tumultuous “Ring of Fire,” Survivor: Vanuatu has again split up the castaways into men-only and women-only teams, with members that include such unique individuals as a drill sergeant and an amputee. Even more challenging: no tribe will be given any food.

7 thoughts on “got this fr abs-cbn webby!!! yey!

  1. hastyteenflick

    i just started watching amazing race and i really want colin and christie to lose! i dunno why, colin bugs me. so does christie. they clearle deserve each other. i want chip and kim to win.

      1. pixiedusk Post author

        nope… the teams that i wanted in the past amazing race… the kelly & her boyfriend(?) lost…. so this time my fave would be colin & GF para they wont win…=P

        dont like the mommies but i have to admit they kisk ass!!!! in real life i really really chip & kim…

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      yeah!!!! i like road rules 2!!!!! its my staple program when im still jobless he he…. parang im part of the fun and challenges that they have even if im just at home…


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