problema toh?????????

un pera ko roughly 25 pesos na lan… P7.50 papunta recto. P13 papunta malabon. makakauwi pa ako ngunit di na ko makakakain. kasi di yata ako sweldo today. kasi sabi ko yesterday kung pede sweldo cash kaya d na ko dala pera..if i didnt get my salary today i wont go back here ever! i feel really really low…

hayyyy… how do i know that i ownt get my salary? coz i ask for the payment for the blueprints… about a thousand bucks and the wife of my boss said that she didnt have any cash…. so we paid the blueprinting company in check…. they will prolly give me crossed check again which will be cleared in 3 days or so…

now my head hurts coz im thinking how to make ends meet with PHP25.00! i have money at home but didnt bring it coz im expecting my salary today…im so stupid… kasi im thinking luck would be on my side coz its my bday yesterday eh…

err…. pray for me guys? should i go home while its still early? sjould i walk out now?

7 thoughts on “problema toh?????????

  1. bench

    Uy ano ba yan? I think you should consider another job na. Parang di na tama yang nararanasan mo diyan sa company na yan.

    and BELATED BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY! pasensya ka na, di ko alam.

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      thanks ha… kaya nga im always waiting for your job posting eh he he…

      dont worry ill give them resignation na … i will look for another job na lang…

      are you feeling better na?

      1. bench

        yup i am. thanks. here is another job. baka pwede ka. di ko lang sure kung accurate yung info specially the salary. baka 7,500 lang. pero baka din naman 75,000. kung qualified ka, why not try it.

        I am in search of an Executive Assistant,between 25 to 30 years of age, preferably a Certified Public Accountant, on a contractual basis for
        a 6 to 8 month special project. Diver a plus, syempre! Directly reporting to me, she must be well experienced and knowledgeable of financial
        statement, particularly in cash flow and balance sheet.

        Project office will be at RCBC Plaza, Buendia corner Ayala in Makati.

        Salary: 75,000 pesos per month tax free
        Out of town per diem: 100 US Dollars per day to cover food and lodging Must be able to travel around the Phils on a short notice. RCBC Plaza Free parking

        If you are interested, please send your updated resume to: or at

        Kiko Quinto
        Logistics and Motorpool, Consultant
        US Embassy, Manila

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      benefits??? what is that??? kidding… dont have nay except from my everyday salary…. imagine i dont even have water there and i have to bring my own…. and i freakin drink a lot… when i started there the architect told me that i will do one poject so i accepted the salary even if uts small.. he also told me that projects outside of that one will be considred as a homework or sideline… he’ll pay me again too small but better than nothing…

      then he bought a new killer PC with a bad kerboard and mouse… but he also gave me 2 new projects to do and the last 2 sideline work that i have …. parang sinisisi pa ako nun wife nya… basta daw work eh sa office lang gawin… duh? her husband told me to do it at home… but being a respecful person i didnt say anything…

      so then last sept 14 i ask her if i can get my salary in cash as i sucks to wait for 3 more days and i have no more money…

      then at the 15th afternoon.. she gave me a check payable to CASH… it was like 3 and can no longer encash it so i end up… with 25 pesos..

      i dint go to work today…. i feel so low kasi yesterday… … im … i wish i have a better choice but malas talaga eh…

      ill go to work tomorrow coz i know that i have responsibilites but i will give them resignation letter na… this is too much for me… parang di ako nag aral ..lokohan na to…

      1. gabrielascrib

        maybe better to look for work while you are still with them. at least kahit papaano may kita pa rin kaysa sa wala. resign ka na lang when you have replacement. mahirap na walang job nowadays. it’s not like malaki-laki na ang naipon mo — at least that’s the impression i get when i read your posts.

      2. pixiedusk Post author

        well yeah…effectivity pa naman nun resignation would be after 15 days… enough time for me to print some resumes @ d office… (salbahe ko no… ?) and look for a job or at least before i leave i have half a months worth of salary… while at it networking siguro to look for sideline works…ewan bahala na muna … ill see … uy thanks sa pakikinig sa mga rants ko ha… g’nite

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