what i need?

this is what i need coz my life is a freakin blah
fireworks!!! yey!

read this while browsing philippine star website…

i can so relate to this article…

hope the writer wont get freakin mad at me…

here the article:

I wish I were normal
CHUVANNESS By Cecile Zamora
The Philippine STAR 09/22/2004

When I was in school my cute, fashionable crush chose a pretty, normal, ditsy girlfriend, the complete opposite of me. I hung up a Fido Dido poster on my wall that said “Normal is boring,” to remind myself that I was special and she was not.

To this day I’m surprised to hear people still think I’m weird because I thought I had pretty much mellowed down. I stopped wearing daily fashion statements a long time ago because I got tired of people pointing at my shoes.

Weird is relative, I say. In Tokyo and London nobody stared at me. I have a friend named Gigi who would get stared at in Iloilo for wearing Wynn Wynn Ong jewelry!

The truth is, I want to be normal. Sometimes I wish I were mainstream and corporate instead of artsy and complicated.

Life would be so much easier if someone said I love this and I could honestly say I do too.

I would relate to more people and probably have more friends. I would freaking play badminton. I would be contented to live here and stop dreaming about other places.

People would stop calling me weird.

Or not.

Last week I took my sister to Fat Michael’s to visit chef Jude who is also my occasional midnight phone pal.

When I passed by the kitchen a group of very mainstream chicks in tube tops and shampoo-commercial hairstyles stared at me like an alien.

Don’t blame them though. I was wearing my knockoff Undercover “trench” coat. Take note: it is 100% cotton and Spring/Summer collection, so it is not that hot.

It wouldn’t happen if I were mainstream.

I wish I liked Mango, as in MNG. But I prefer mango, as in fruit. I always marvel at the mad rush that happens whenever MNG goes on sale. I do appreciate and check them out for accessories or an occasional miniskirt, but that’s all.

I never joined the pashmina or Jelly Kelly bandwagon and I don’t even desire the real Kelly or Birkin bags.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Hermés when Margiela was doing it, but I just can’t be interested in those expensive bags cause they’re not me. They are Martha Stewart and Kate Moss. At the risk of sounding pretentious, I prefer the less expensive granny Goyard handbag on Barneys.com.

I’ve never seen Sex and the City or Friends. The only thing I follow religiously is Oprah. I can’t relate when people say Carrie Bradshaw is chica because my idea of chica is different.

Everybody likes Marc Jacobs. I do too. But the Marc Jacobs I like is different. I like his Scottish doll collection for Louis Vuitton. Oh, that’s one thing normal about me: I like LV.

I wish I were obsessive about gadgets and being up-to-date.

I am simply amazed at people who can rattle off Nokia model numbers. I don’t even know mine.

I had the oldest cell phone which everyone wanted me to get rid of. It was a hand-me-down from my husband. It had no special features, just predictive text which I absolutely had to have.

After how many years it got snatched out of my bag at a Vanness concert at Araneta. My dad said the snatcher probably threw it in the bin. To make up for it he gave me a high-tech phone with a camera which everybody has, so now nobody bugs me about it.

Everyone’s obsessing about an iPod. My dad gave me one but I can’t for the life of me find time to load my songs.

I don’t get the Palm either. I like pen and paper. I like going to National Bookstore to buy paper and pens which I try out in small pieces of scratch paper.

I wish I desired a Technomarine or a Rolex, but my current budget is for Swatch and Hello Kitty. If I could afford them I would rather keep the cash anyway. I’d be so paranoid to wear a second-hand car on my wrist.

I wish I could say I love fine dining and Lolo Dad’s, because everyone I know is raving about it. But my taste in food is so pedestrian, so fast food. I basically eat to live, not the other way around. I get obsessed with one dish and eat it until I’m sick of it.

I wish I enjoyed wine and cheese. I never learned how to drink coffee so you will never see me at Starbucks.

I wish I liked the beach but I can’t swim. I have never been to Boracay and have no desire to go. If only I looked good in a bathing suit.

My fashion desire is very simple: I wish I could wear a white tank top because it goes with everything. But I have issues about my arms. It is called Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I wish I could wear open-toe shoes, but I have issues about my toes.

If I were a normal girl, I would have long straight hair, wear a sleeveless top, obscenely expensive jeans, kili-kili bag, and flat pumps or flip-flops. I would hang out in Greenbelt.


How I wish I liked Greenbelt but I feel like an alien there.

but i really like an ipod.. nge he…

(read the real article here: http://www.philstar.com/philstar/LIFESTYLE200409231102.htm not that theres any difference…)

4 thoughts on “what i need?

  1. Anonymous

    ouch hahaha!!!!

    do i know her? is she writing about me?
    it’s perfectly meeh…

    fido dido…..
    people pointing at my shoes…
    artsy and complicated…

    though, yah ok, i like greenbelt
    coz im freaking part of it!!!!!

    its so nice to know that somebody feels
    what you feel and have the courage to voice
    it out..

    i wish i can….

    i hope they have a cure for body dysmorphic
    disorder… ;> hahahaha!!!!


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