sad sad sad

im right now… coz the job that was supos to get me out of hell is a mirage… fake!

and i have a stomach pain that i know is ulcer coz i had that same pain before… not as painful as the past but i know itll get there if i will not leave this palce… i want to say god forsaken but … the people who lives here are .. well god fearing ata… kuripot at manlalamang sa sa akin coz i let them…

so yun… im really really really sad that tears flow my face while im doing work…

i feel likt shit!!!!

2 thoughts on “sad sad sad

  1. dolphin0620

    sigh.. i really hope you’ll get out of that house soon. but ofcourse if there’s some way you can be a little assertive with them, maybe they’d hear you out and understand you. it’s worth a try .. you’re planning to leave them some time soon atleast when that time comes, you’re leaving in peace from them. no hard feelings. diba? =) and go to a doctor for check up then eat your medications. if you won’t take care of yourself, no one would! that’s the harsh reality of life. .. KAYA MO YAN!


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