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down with a flu

im sick ugh!  wont stop sneezing last night coz of my allergy and woke up sick.. flu maybe im not sure but my whole freakin body hurts!!!!

hayyy but im not too dizzy to post! Happy Halloween!

I received a call last night from people support! Another Interview… this time its tuesday so i hope im okay na by then… im hungry..wasnt able to eat dinner last night coz ov allergy but now i can eat a cow!

some cute memes

2 days

oct27:interview w/ the vampy 2

ELJCC is one in a million…. coz they have a 13th floor…

had work in a company that builds high rise and we’ve constructed like 5 buildings but none of them have 13th floorrrr…  and my interview with abs is in the 13th floor…  but nothing happened and i dont feel freaky…

i was interviewed by rona? and vincent… they are younger than me… its normal interview i guess… they ask about lotsa stuff and i answer normal lang.. not exceptional.. maybe coz im not that passionate of TV. i only watch 5 shows.. CSI, Malcom in the Middle,buffy, survivor and amazing… opppsss ala na bufffy!!!    kaya siguro im not bagay for the slot hayyyy… another interview… i guess all of the next post will be the same he he… a journey to the life interrviews ov Leng! yipeeeeee

cant log in sa LJ????? kayo din ba?

hayyyy…i want to have the nude shot


lets start with nivea whitening deo stick not working so my underarn is freakin wet and im doing my best not to show the wetness…

i wont put my bag down as my underarm will show!

goodness! i thought im way over this problem since … secret! but noh! since this nivea is free!!!! i skip buying secret so that i can save… look what happened to my saving: embarassment to the nth degree!!!!

the interview is at timog building (in front of abs audience entrance)…but the interviewer was turned off ata he he… the interview before me lasted 30 minutes or so sa kin, 10??? ack! And to think that im wearin this nice red top fr kamiseta!

i have another interview on wednesday… again in that same area… i have this feeling that im bound to work in that area…. been to makati, work in san juan ortigas, sa manila, caloocan…. but never worked in QC pa… baka this time i will.. hope that i will get this one… want to work in that area coz ill get free ride from my tatay who pass that way everyday? imagine how much money i’ll frreakin save??????? imajin?

me butt is gettin bigger from bumming around the house na he he…i need to work it!  plus i have like 26 godchildren???? magtatago ba ako sa pasko? wawa naman sila? xmas is for these small ones… i know how it feels pag ala ninong/ninang dont want ’em to feel what i felt, its sad… im not wishing for big things but something lang.. basta they remembered… choc-nut nga bigay nung 1 ko ninong e tinago ko pa…

kaso ninang is poor i cant even buy chocNut for 26 people!!!! buti na lang im not that visible lately so ala na dag dag sa mga godchild ko… not that i dont want ’em but… o sige na nga I DONT WANT THEM! Not all… its just that if im planning on saying NO! my nanay would say malas or masama..BAKIT?

E 12 pairs naman yung mga parent dito kung magninang! BUSINESS ITO!!!! 

i need to talk to my friend sa GMA7 nge he he.. kasi art director yun… teh position im applying is simillar to that…. i need pointers!


oh well… ill text her na lang.. babush party people: PEACE

oooppsss…’ fore i forgot!!!

happy birthday to my sister! sarap handa mo ginataang mais!!!!!!!

my twinsies names!!!!

he he… just when doc yoki’s eq_oddyssey post is all about ernie and bert being gay… heres the 1st name of my errr.. twins

Your Boobies’ Names Are: Bert and Ernie

but i really wanted ’em names to b girly so i tried it again and heres the name that i like!!!!

Your Boobies’ Names Are: Betty and Veronica

hmmm wonder who is archie *wink*?

…last night i have a dream of me being ala crouching tiger hidden dragon!!!! nagkakarate ako  sa panaginip kohhh????  its new … usually when im dreaming its about not being able to walk normally… like i have to drag meself just to get to one step…

now im doing hiyah!!!!!

galeng! woke up really hyper tuloy…

live at the geaorgia theater

i am not anywhare near georgia theatre he he… its just that i have this john mayer vcd with the title…

our television is busted & wasnt able to watch ethen zoe fr survivor… miss him @ breakfast & wassap wassap @ studio 23… hayyy…

he’ll be @ digital tour!!!! but the TV will be okay on monday pa…. hmmppttttttt!!!!! Malas!

anyways Hi eq_oddyssey

kahit na im on the brink of loosing my sanity… enjoy pa rin ang mga post mo!!!!

fUn 2 d max!

congrats for winning that GC he he… 

grrrr…. been trying to post this enrty…AYAW!!!!

got this fr bench