lets start with nivea whitening deo stick not working so my underarn is freakin wet and im doing my best not to show the wetness…

i wont put my bag down as my underarm will show!

goodness! i thought im way over this problem since … secret! but noh! since this nivea is free!!!! i skip buying secret so that i can save… look what happened to my saving: embarassment to the nth degree!!!!

the interview is at timog building (in front of abs audience entrance)…but the interviewer was turned off ata he he… the interview before me lasted 30 minutes or so sa kin, 10??? ack! And to think that im wearin this nice red top fr kamiseta!

i have another interview on wednesday… again in that same area… i have this feeling that im bound to work in that area…. been to makati, work in san juan ortigas, sa manila, caloocan…. but never worked in QC pa… baka this time i will.. hope that i will get this one… want to work in that area coz ill get free ride from my tatay who pass that way everyday? imagine how much money i’ll frreakin save??????? imajin?

me butt is gettin bigger from bumming around the house na he he…i need to work it!  plus i have like 26 godchildren???? magtatago ba ako sa pasko? wawa naman sila? xmas is for these small ones… i know how it feels pag ala ninong/ninang dont want ’em to feel what i felt, its sad… im not wishing for big things but something lang.. basta they remembered… choc-nut nga bigay nung 1 ko ninong e tinago ko pa…

kaso ninang is poor i cant even buy chocNut for 26 people!!!! buti na lang im not that visible lately so ala na dag dag sa mga godchild ko… not that i dont want ’em but… o sige na nga I DONT WANT THEM! Not all… its just that if im planning on saying NO! my nanay would say malas or masama..BAKIT?

E 12 pairs naman yung mga parent dito kung magninang! BUSINESS ITO!!!! 

i need to talk to my friend sa GMA7 nge he he.. kasi art director yun… teh position im applying is simillar to that…. i need pointers!


oh well… ill text her na lang.. babush party people: PEACE

oooppsss…’ fore i forgot!!!

happy birthday to my sister! sarap handa mo ginataang mais!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPY!

  1. gonzomarte

    Good luck. It really is hard looking for a job these days. I’m not sure how it is in the Philippines but one could guess that it’s pretty bad?

    Don’t worry about it. Just keep doing what you are doing, things will get better.


    1. pixiedusk Post author


      yea its hard….to find work

      but im okay he he… funny how… i dont really feel that bad… only a bit…

      i just wish that the interviewer gave me the same time that he gave that first person…. i guess coz he’s sleepy na… its a lazy afternoon..

      hah! your right! things will get better!


  2. eq_oddyssey

    things will fall on the right places and you will soon find your own place under the sun. life is a constant journey, as always, enjoy the ride. don’t lose hope.

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      u know the freindster message that u forwarded me? they called me for an interview!!!!???? Im not that positive that ill get a job as i dont have any sitcome making background but… im excited that they will give me time…okay na sa kin yun… experience pa rin siya!

      thanks dun h & thanks for this message he he.. somewhat makes life wee bit better…

      1. eq_oddyssey

        hahaha. sabi ko na nga ba, when i i got that message from kandice, i thought of you… you’ll make it. i remember when i used to work for jollibee~ yeah i did, i just want to. i was in pre med then (yellow pa ang uniform ng jollibee and i belong to batch 22), i don’t know how to make soft serve (sundae~ shaping it and twirl it in cones and cups), only two people handle it (i remember lilet and edwin) and none of them were around then. i was relatively new, but my manager told me— there is always a first time. it was a well learned lesson, and the words stick to my head. haaay i miss m’am mon.

      2. pixiedusk Post author

        i have a freind whos the art director of click at joyride show at ch 7!

        use to go with her to search for stuff for the show…. ayun at least i have idea na on what art directors do….

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