margie (a high school classmates who is pretty and intelligent), Marisol (a rich illegitimate daughter of a well known family here in malabon) and me, Merlinda (hmmm all M’s!)… we’re riding this jeepney…

then i saw a man holding architectural plans bleeding… and a man is getting all his money and all the people around them are just watching…. some people are getting the bleeding mans property… i even saw a gold teeth… an umbrella… a lady with blood all over but shes part of the mob crowd.. i think she killed the man even… there are small children… who is also blocking the jeep…

and suddenly the 3 of us is in the front/passenger side of the jeep…. the 2 other girls are looking at the victim… while the jeep is just slowing down coz of the children…. but were not stopping to help the man… i am not stopping to help the man… and im like how can this people just watch????? how can i just watch???? what is happening to the world?

weird dream…

good thing i woke up after… cant sleep since that dream.. i can see the man bleeding and all…

until now *yawn*

8 thoughts on “BAD DREAM

  1. bench

    dream indicates something that you seem to be bothered for quite some time now. either you are entertaining guilty thoughts about doing something and the idea that you must do it because you have to. advise: think hard before doing something – think about who will gain and who will benefit in the end. 🙂

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      thankies bench!

      im actually thinking of how i view this people … maybe i need to be like them… or i want to be like them…

      that guy might be me… the bloodied victim… hes holding a house plan… im an architecture grad.. im holding the plan because i have a plan of pursuing some other things other than architecture but… im not sure… also why am i a guy in my dream.. does that mean i have to be stronger????

      im thinking…. a lot of poeple is sucking my energy…. that represents the mob robbing the bloody prolly dead guy (me)

      there are lotsa meaning for this… and i will find it out… thanks for the advise yea i will think before i leap…



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