scoot errr..scott is my father’s guest… my dad is a tourist driver… he already like met lotsa famous people. Lea Salonga, IMF people… but mostly have made friends with the guest.  father worked at mandarin for the longest time that i thought we own that hotel coz all of the stuff at home bears the insigna of the hotel… from the plates to ballpens to my shirts and bags & even candies he he… its a free thing for the employees!!! you can buy old pillowcases&hotel stuff from mandarin at a very very cheap price!!! err.. perks!

they forced him to resign… but he feels weak if not working plus im not working so he he… someone needs to step up to that calling: BREADWINNER!!!

there are lotsa guest whod request for girls… being a good person that he is… he doesnt really give to the whims of this guest and he’ll bring em to night spots instead to have fun … if you want paid sex get it yourself!!!!

i received an email from a regular guest of him just this morning asking if my fathers daughter is intrested in going with scott to corregidor… thing is my sister is applying to be an HRspecialist in his company… but that invitation doesnt feel right… aRgh! if scott wants company i think it is right to invite the whole family… not just my sister… he he..

or its just me with my dertty mind… i dont know…

maybe i should go instead he he… and give him ativan and ill get all his money and throw him in the waters … feed him to the sharks…


8 thoughts on “scott

  1. hastyteenflick

    oh my. šŸ˜¦ tama ka. buong family dapat. bakit kailangan specific? imposibleng walang kahalong hanky-panky yun noh. GRRRR. nagagalit na namana ako sa mga kano. *hay*. sabihin niyo “no”.

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      yups i remember running around the lobby… ala sila pakialam sa kin kasi nga im a child… some geust would give me candies pa!!!

      kaso he he… di pala kami may ari nun!!!

  2. eq_oddyssey

    smells fishy yan. sorry “dudera” ako eh… i think both of you should go.. so he’ll have two girls?… hmmm ay! what am i thinking? it’ll be safer that way. baka naman he just needs company.. so the more the merrier… tell him family is part of the package

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      yep me too…. na pa hmmmmmm agad ako ha! bale i dont think me sister would go kasi takot yun sa barko/bangka he he…. jeep lang ang carry nyang transpo!!!


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