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there was a fire here last night. luckily? only a part of a neighbor’s house got burned… fire started because of the electricity stealers…. when will the stealing stop?

i only took these 2 boxes of important papers with me.  it all boiled down to… nothing is more important than birth certificates than getting my CPU….

when the fire was controlled… everybody was crying… what a relief…. only i think everybody cant sleep cuz they are worrying…

everytime ill hear a firecracker ill wake up thinking its a fire again…. imagine how ill feel on new years eve…

i live in squatters area and things get burn easy….. i hope neighbors would stop using firecrackers… to prevent fire….


i have a bad case of skin allegry and i cant buy my anti-skin allergy cream cuz im broke…. wawa naman me he he….

from now on call me leng hadhad!!!! ewwwww…

dark xmas

yesterday somebody tried getting free electricity from our line.  No success for him… brownout for us.  Woke up early in the dark… dang! Brownout sa min!!!!!  Bakit ngayung pasko pa!

we tried calling meralco but nobody’s available to fix our problem.  We ask a neighbor instead… but hes havin a hard time cuz he might get electricuted or something coz the line is a livewire..

he were able to fix the line after lunch.  and was able to trace the person who wants to steal the kuryente. Di ako nagmumura pero damn him!!!!!  Down na down na nga kami nayung pasko dinagdagan mo pa problema namin!!!!!  Magnanakaw ka! Gusto mo libre kuryente, di ka naman marunong!!!!! Di na ako sasakay sa tricycle mohhhhh!!!!!! Bastus ka!

all of the visitors ate they’re snack in candle light.  I think that they think that we werent able to pay our bill thats why they are in the dark… hayyyyyy…. Werent able to read my emails and LJ comments tuloy.  Werent able to greet you guys too… belated MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of my LJ friends!!! Thanks for putting up with my whining here…

though im a xmas scrooge… though the first half of me xmas day is brownout… okay rin siya coz i went with my small cousins with their ninong and ninangs…. they are really happy…sincerely happy… ang pasko talaga ay para sa mga little ones….

nakapulot ako ng 50 bucks…. along the way at kawawa naman ang nawalan nun…

ewan all in all… i realized that mahirap maging nanay pag pasko pero masaya…

ngayun my body aches all over cuz theres this small cousin who wont walk and i have to carry him a lot of times…. he’s heavy!!!!!

what made my xmas is this small cousin who said that she’ll gave me her money so that i can spend it when i told her that im broke…. she did gave me her 60 pesos… hayyy..sweet! I gave her back her money and i told her that she gave me the best xmas present i can get…. she cant understand it… ala raw siyang binigay…

life is sweet.

a little something something

What Will pixiedusk Get ?

Xmas pressie predictor
Big  wooly jumper knitted by che_b
Pair of Socks from katebug48
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Cd from kfinewhatev
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Something Silly from giantmais
Something Funny from for__vern
Lump of coal from pixiedusk
Something Pretty from iris_from_phil
Something Shiny from pandaemoneon
Something Naughty from eq_oddyssey
Something Smelly from psychebutterfly
Something Breakable from cawees
Something Useful from bench
Something not useful from timawa
The Black and Decker Tool Kit from the_bumper_car
Livejournal account from girl_bot
The Make-up Bag from dolphin0620
Stack of DVDs from wittypnai
Something Geeky from spinero_solidum


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got this from drealkulit!!!!  yey…my real xmas wish is a box of chocnut!!!! ala lang he hehe…. its true nobody can stop xmas so im gonna greet you guys na rin… bukas pa he he…


he he… our telephone got disconnected… been offline for almost a week… poorness me… im really really dyahe..with my parents cuz im the one who is supos to pay the telephone bill but… im out of money talaga … so my mother paid for the bill muna… so im back!!!!! wohooooo…..

nothing new really…. im still scared of xmas!!!! this is the 1st time that ill hide from my inaanak he he… hope god will forgive me…

theres this number …. 7304191… who called me… im like bothered cuz i wasnt able to answer it… when i called the said number back… busy for days!!!!!! now im like really really really botheres as to.. who this caller is.. hope its not an employer who gave up… cuz my landline and cellphone is freakin out of reach… hope he/she will call me again… hope its an employer!!!!! hope!


Car Accessories for Sale!!!

Hey guys!!!!  Dont have gifts to your dads, brothers and boyfriends yet (or self)? Heres some car accessories you can buy for them!!!!… Got this from CONCORDE as a prize from a contest from ABS CBN.  But my tatay have some stuff like this already so he’s selling ’em… Kasi when we got the prize the girl fr abs has a list of products already and we dont have much choice but to get the products he he… but my tatay is happy!!!! the car is groovy!!!! this is just half of the prizes!!!! Half … my tatay is already using em.. coolneSS siya!

Prices are negotiable of course and free delivery basta more than 1000.00…at basta within Metro Manila! Delivery is every tuesday!!!!  If you will buy the brand spankin new steering wheel… ill give you lotsa freebie from the list… but the tray and Bottle holder is a must freebie coz they are the same classy wood finish!!!

Neweys the products are (concorde price is in parenthesis):

Super Gloss Clear Liquid Shiner (P 1,299.75)
Aluminum Film (P 999.75)
Cargo Net (P 1,399.75)
Steering Wheel Immobilizer STOPLOCK (P 3,199.75)
Steering Wheel WOOD FINISH (P 11,295.75)
Universal Luggage Holder/Hook (P 439.75)
Sunvisor Pocket (P 899.75)
Handbrake Cover (P3,499.75)
Tray WOOD FINISH (P 939.75)
Glass/Bottle Holder WOOD FINISH (P 1,195.75)
Phone Holder (P 879.75)
Cab Organizer (P 899.75)
Air Compressor (P 699.75)
Car Posliher (P 698.75)
3T Jack (P 699.75)
Luster Wax (P 499.75)

weird that all of the prices have a seventy cents butal…. he he…. If you guys want to ask bout the list just email me at or text me at 09179373314. 


Merry Christmas!!!!


thanks drealkulit for my xmas icon….

thanks to ABS-CBN for the stuff that we won… some car accessories from concorde…. made my tatay really really happy… now our car will look groovy fr all those stuff… nyone wants to buy a steering wheel?????? he he… will give you guys discount….

lets pray for the king