Car Accessories for Sale!!!

Hey guys!!!!  Dont have gifts to your dads, brothers and boyfriends yet (or self)? Heres some car accessories you can buy for them!!!!… Got this from CONCORDE as a prize from a contest from ABS CBN.  But my tatay have some stuff like this already so he’s selling ’em… Kasi when we got the prize the girl fr abs has a list of products already and we dont have much choice but to get the products he he… but my tatay is happy!!!! the car is groovy!!!! this is just half of the prizes!!!! Half … my tatay is already using em.. coolneSS siya!

Prices are negotiable of course and free delivery basta more than 1000.00…at basta within Metro Manila! Delivery is every tuesday!!!!  If you will buy the brand spankin new steering wheel… ill give you lotsa freebie from the list… but the tray and Bottle holder is a must freebie coz they are the same classy wood finish!!!

Neweys the products are (concorde price is in parenthesis):

Super Gloss Clear Liquid Shiner (P 1,299.75)
Aluminum Film (P 999.75)
Cargo Net (P 1,399.75)
Steering Wheel Immobilizer STOPLOCK (P 3,199.75)
Steering Wheel WOOD FINISH (P 11,295.75)
Universal Luggage Holder/Hook (P 439.75)
Sunvisor Pocket (P 899.75)
Handbrake Cover (P3,499.75)
Tray WOOD FINISH (P 939.75)
Glass/Bottle Holder WOOD FINISH (P 1,195.75)
Phone Holder (P 879.75)
Cab Organizer (P 899.75)
Air Compressor (P 699.75)
Car Posliher (P 698.75)
3T Jack (P 699.75)
Luster Wax (P 499.75)

weird that all of the prices have a seventy cents butal…. he he…. If you guys want to ask bout the list just email me at or text me at 09179373314. 


Merry Christmas!!!!

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