a little something something

What Will pixiedusk Get ?

Xmas pressie predictor
Big  wooly jumper knitted by che_b
Pair of Socks from katebug48
Bottle of Whiskey from apt_mitzvah
Cd from kfinewhatev
Something Cuddly from bubble_bursts
Something Intoxicating from bubbleheadnut
Something Silly from giantmais
Something Funny from for__vern
Lump of coal from pixiedusk
Something Pretty from iris_from_phil
Something Shiny from pandaemoneon
Something Naughty from eq_oddyssey
Something Smelly from psychebutterfly
Something Breakable from cawees
Something Useful from bench
Something not useful from timawa
The Black and Decker Tool Kit from the_bumper_car
Livejournal account from girl_bot
The Make-up Bag from dolphin0620
Stack of DVDs from wittypnai
Something Geeky from spinero_solidum


Made by _imran_ and beyond_bananas.
Hosted at Memeland

got this from drealkulit!!!!  yey…my real xmas wish is a box of chocnut!!!! ala lang he hehe…. its true nobody can stop xmas so im gonna greet you guys na rin… bukas pa he he…

4 thoughts on “a little something something

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      mwa ha ha… kahit sa meme… naughty ka!!!!

      Uy sige i might drop by your house sa xmas …. im getting something from megamall kasi … daan ako inyo pauwi!!!

      ano nga ba address mo… hmmm…. ill look for that bday gift ko sa yu… xmas gift na rin siya!!!!


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