there was a fire here last night. luckily? only a part of a neighbor’s house got burned… fire started because of the electricity stealers…. when will the stealing stop?

i only took these 2 boxes of important papers with me.  it all boiled down to… nothing is more important than birth certificates than getting my CPU….

when the fire was controlled… everybody was crying… what a relief…. only i think everybody cant sleep cuz they are worrying…

everytime ill hear a firecracker ill wake up thinking its a fire again…. imagine how ill feel on new years eve…

i live in squatters area and things get burn easy….. i hope neighbors would stop using firecrackers… to prevent fire….


i have a bad case of skin allegry and i cant buy my anti-skin allergy cream cuz im broke…. wawa naman me he he….

from now on call me leng hadhad!!!! ewwwww…

6 thoughts on “alert!

  1. iris_from_phil


    Happy Holidays, Leng!

    It’s been a long time… busy kasi both sa work at sa personal life!

    I’m sad to hear bad news this season specially the tsunami and now the fire in your neighborhood. Just be careful.

    Advanced Happy New Year(I may not be able to write to you on 1/1/06)


  2. scax_e_one

    Hi Leng!

    Sorry to hear about the people stealing electricity. That’s something that, as of now, has not presented itself as too much of a problem where and I live.

    I have heard of people stealing the copper wire that runs along telephone lines. A guy that I know how is a policeman for a railroad said he caught some people stealing copper wire in a remote area. He said the person that was stealing it was covered with with creosote on their clothes. That’s kind of a giveaway of what they’ve been up to. Not everyone walks around with creosote on their clothes.

    Glad to hear that the tsunami didn’t hit the area where you live.


    1. pixiedusk Post author

      yes thats how bad it is… i wish they would stop stealing. MERALCO already visited us and cut the illegal connection …. they’ve been here the whole day cutting this and that … when they left… you will see the jumpers…. coming, doing they thing with the wires… presto! free electricity.

      about the wire? yea they steal that too…. hayyyyy…. if i can only do something

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      sinabi mo! if im the brgy captain i would make it a law that they cant use firecrackers…

      we have this small plaza here…. sana dun na lang was na sa maliliit na eskinita…

      hey… i post a comment of miss lili(?) but she said that she is no longer using her LJ… she transferred to Greatest Journal already. Sayang.


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