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si kuya robert

nge he he…

we have this in-mall porject: a ktv bar chuva thats making me head hurts cuz im buying all the stuff for them.  but we have this visitor that made me day or prolly me month… and futures months!!!!! si kuya robert ng art is kool!!!! nya ha ha ….

crushie ko yun!

i was totally starstruck of him… never felt this when i saw … john hall!!!! imagine! me being so red when i was introduce to him (informally) by my boss!!!!!

cute na robert: naku wag ka na mag print ng plan ill takes pictures na lang thanks nakakahiya pa.
my boss: naku dont worry. okay lang yan kay leng fan mo yan eh.  starstruck nga yan sa yo.
me: …
robert: talaga.
me: *blushing*
me: slowly moving away….

never heard any of the conversation na cuz i went to rose of the accounting dept to tell her how kilig i am!!!!

when i came back he they are already finishing up with the mural (which robert will do) so he left… but before going away he said … leng bye thanks ha… eh im  using the phone so i just wave…

hayyyyyy… he is so nice!

asan kaya si jomike!???!!!!!!

6 cycle in my mind

every saturday (and sunday of next month) i am one of the officer for the day at work… which means that i have to stay at work from 10am-8pm.  got to alabang early yesterday so stayed at mcdo for their pancakes and drown meself with maple syrup… literaly he he…. thats how i eat me pancakes…. swimming in syrup..yum yum…

so i went to work…. theres just so much to do… didnt know puchasers work si so much… too much… but im fine better than nothing he he….

but i had so much fun yesterday when 6 cycle mind performed at matropolis… nge he he… so mcuh bagets attended the show.. wearing black shirt and shoes and sporting weird haircuts and i realized… ngek lola na ako ng mga batang ito…

show started and the bois started the slaman in the mid of the poshpit and me other officemates was like… naku! naku! call the guards baka magkasakitan chuva..

and me… im reminiscing the old days where me friends and i would attend such mini show he he….


nice lang sana if i have friends there para i can share the happiness i felt… pero oks na rin… alone man… masaya pa rin… solo trip ito.. at cuteness yun bassist ng 6 cycle talaga!!!!!


i have to apologies to john pala… yooohoooo john!

im doing your house noh…its just that im tired every night after that long travel… im tried doing the encoding stuff but… di ko na talaga kaya na mag CAD so yun di ko pa tapos yun dwg .. kainis nga ..

but i promise that ill find time to finish it this coming week… bale im adjusting pa kasi sa travel chu chu ….


dahil idol ko si doc yoki! kaya lahat ng tao sa office out of my department …. nilalagyan ko ng malisya!


my boss is a nag!

pangit siyang boss pero dapat magtiis…

binabawi ko na yung cool siya… di siya cool… siya ay bungangera sa tagalog he  he…


grabeh..LJ was down the whole day ata yesterday noh????

but its back!!!!!


met up with my high school classmate JOHN! he asked me to do the planning of his house… since his a bestfriend in high school its fer free he he… oks lang lagi namang libre sa MC DO plus he also bought that lucky charm thingy na rabbit!!!!  bale i went to church after our meeting and i was able to finish the whole mass… ngek.. kakaiba ito dahil i dont have the patience to go and hear the mass… yey! just gave thanks to the job…

grabeh naman ang traffic sa south supahighway last saturday…. it took us about an hour and a half just to get to skyway… ngek… im scared that MRT would close…luckily when i got there open pa siya!!!!

dun nga sa bus … this guy and his girl were making out… im sleeping but i heard their sucking sound…ewwww…. inuubo yun girl… ewww…kakainggit kasi lakas ng loob nila… sa bus!!!! elevated pa yun seat namin amongs the other passenger.. but i guess nobody’s really looking at them but me and me seatmate…nwa ha ha… free making out movie: LIVE pa!

nun friday naman i rode with me boss… she is freakin nice!!!! she told me lotsa stories about her past… and BTW she is the owner os the old selecta and the new ARCE dairy: bangis!!!! yaman to the maxxxx siya but she is simple and nice! guess im lucky with my bosses naman… yun nga lang minsan sabit sila sa sweldo… this time … my actual real boss’s are the villars cuz they own manuela and starmall….

today is VIVA STO NIÑo day!!!

kinagat ng ipis yun face ko kaya ako nagising and im still am up… kasi its itchy bitchy…akkk… may pantal na malaki yun mukha kohhhhh….


i have to wake up early pa!

welcome back LJ!!!!

ps missyah ate cheery!!!! musta ka nah ha? email me naman po if your reading this!

alabang gilid

mwa ha ha… im now working at metropolis star in alabang!!!!!

its really tiring esp at night when i have to transfer rides a lot but im okay …. all of my officemates are guys (whats new?) but me boss is a girl…

shes okay.  the guys are okay.  have to know the people from other department though coz me life revolves around the building admin.

i have a problem using the fax machine.  i not good with fax machine and photocopier… i suck at them big time.. why cant we use the PC kind instead??????????????

but i have to freakin use ’em…. im late with my orders already…

oh im a purchasing officer! but im also a design officer of some sort!!!!

yun lang good morning partyphiles!!!!!

veronica decides to die

Have you read this book? veronica committed suicide … stayed in an arkham…. she was told that she is sick and will only live for a span of time…. then she live pass her deadline and she now thinks that everyday is a miracle given by GOD… she is now happy and is not thinking of killing herself….

whats she didnt know is that the doctor is injecting her drugs that made her sick… so she is not really sick and tehres no deadline in her life… her miracle days are actually false miracle…..

i have a good news!!!!! i have a CLEAR LUNGS!!!! my APLV is positive!!!! positive cuz im not sick with TB!!!!  i got the job and ill start on monday!!!!!

im happy and thankful but i know that i really dont have TB but it feels good to have cleared everything out….  im thankful… mmy family is too….

i think that the lakeside medical wants to get some money from me he he… thats why they ask for a 2nd xray.

thanks to yoki! your an angel!!!!!!

and to everyone for commenting nice comments…. grabeh the days that was….  totally mind boggling… i realized that i have to take care of me body… my goal is to gain some weight plus eat right… grabeh.. thanks to everyone talaga for all the hugs and support… he he…

needless to say that im happy… happy for my false miracle…

one more time with feeling: THANKYOU GUYS!!!!!

love in the times of cholera

woke up with a swollen face. that is what i got from crying last night.  i still cant believe that i have something in my lungs.

im really in the dark as to what is happening that i called yoki(eq_oddyssey) shsl really helpful in explaining things and assuring me that though it might be TB (ngek… unglamorous naman) … it is not as bad as it was then….  its easy to cure and medicines are not that expensive.

felt better.

were actually supposed to be taking C5road but me tatay and i got lost and we end up visiting saint clair of asisi church in katipunan instead.  nagnakaw ako ng 1 flower as my lucky charm…

then we arrived in the very unfriendly and unsanitized medical clinic (lakeside).  there are lotsa other people there, holding their pee… going in and out of the room. from the lobby, you can actually see the medtech doing his thing with the pee, all in cups with a small piece of paper… prolly to test the pee to stuff… im not sure but i can see different colored water in there… ive waited for like an hour and a half till i was called by the xray tech… she is unfriendly too.. maybe exposure to radiation made her like so… of all the medical clinic… this one lacks a doctor he he…  the receptionist (whose also the cashier, eye tester, BP getter, secretary, psycho exam giver and checker) keeps on telling us that the doctor will be there in a few… minutes? m not sure… but i left at 12 and no doctor still… wawa the patients they wont be able to eat lunch on time coz the receptionist is telling ’em.. dont go… doctora will arrived and you will miss her… HUWATTTT! they’ve waited for her noh? dapat she’ll wait for them naman… NAMAN lakeside naman!!!!!!

so my name was called and i was ask to stripped coz my shirt have this rubber KAMISETA logo at the back… no can do… they gave me this tattered errr.. ( i suppose it is a) green blouse… i have to smell the shirt .. ok lang. 

saw the xray tablet… my xray tablet and i saw a white circle spot thingy and i told meself… this is it…  im a freakin TB person…  and im scared like hell cuz i so want this job… also the taray xray tech is nicer and i was like… dahil kaya malapit na akong matigok kaya bumait siya sa kin?????????

along the SLEX, there are lotsa billboards there and i was like thinking…. hmmm… maybe i should follow the trend and climb one billboard and jump off of it all the others who do…

my father whose driving kept on telling me: Itll be olrite… and a lot of other stuff… but i lost my concentration on him … i was just looking out…. thinking what is happening to me….  my only chance to finally correct all the mistakes that i made during the past year… gone… i cant work to pay my bills and help my parents with theirs…. ill be a pain in tehir butt….  all the 98lbs of me…

worst i can hear me sister just about now coughing and im scared that ive contaminated her… 

tomorrow afternoon, ill visit our friendly neighborhood health center to ask about this TB thingy.  if someones there coz… the center is usually empty… no doctor available.. he he… were 3rd world barangay eh… i cannot buy medicine till the 16th when someone will buy my cellphone so ill content meself with the free medicines from ’em… hope they have some… if not ill ask aRgh… the councilors that ive voted he he… or the pagamutang bayan! possibilities, endless!!!!!

im not that strong, im actually loosing it… unti na lang siguro… ill be a loonie… a loonie with TB!  tama ba yun subject ko… its a book title he he… but im not sure cuz havent read it yet…

kapwa ko mahal ko kaya.  wish ko lang. wish upon ala mega!!!! bigyan kaya nila ko ng gamot??????????????????????  tangna hirap talagang maging mahirap!!!!

up until now im still errr… praying that its a patch of phlegm or a ghost in my APLV …  pray for me too please.

what dreams may come

ive scored 1,074,550 points at BEJEWELED 2!!!!!! Hurahhhh for moi!


just when im ranting about how shitty my life is….

i received a call from MANUELA CORPORATION telling me that they will get me for the INTERIOR DESIGNER position.  I really really like this job since its my first time to with lotsa people.  Its usually just me and some 4 other poeple now im working with lotsa people so this is cool.

went there… ill be assigned to work at METROPOLIS in Alabang.  Layo (far) but its okay as long as ill have an income.  I was also told to bring some stool as ill have a medical exam thingy before starting…

i did… its icky to put pooh in a bottle but anything for that job!!!!!

done! so they send me to lakeview medical.  place is hot but who cares… this will help me get a freakin good job .. kiber (who cares)…

this is my first medical exam… so this is something!!!!  its normal i guess… when they will check my blood… i cringe…NEEDLES*cringe*!!!!! Then i realized…wait a minute i have a tattoooooo, so like what yoki said: BRING IT ON!!!!! That went well.

then i have to face the doctor …. she just check me throat, boobies (veronica and betty!), neck, ear (i have cerumen… hardened… have to visit EENT to have it removed!!!!), eyes, breathing… and my freakin ANUS!!!! it feels weird to have someone looking in there… he he…

then i waited for the XRAY thingy…

right now im holding the result…

so nothing weird in the doctors report… she just wrote there… tattoo LLQ, pimple scar… and all the other things in there: NORMAL. is normal healthy?

its the xray.  i have phneumonia and … i need to have another xray.  APICO LORDOTIC VIEW?

err… i dont have any money left really… paid for the NBI and the other lotsa stuff for photocopying … plus that medical… im thinking … i just borrowed the money that i use to get the requirements and ill pay my cousin later.. if i have my 1st salary already… but i dont think ill get the job so… now i dont have the job, i have some new loan and im sick..

whats next?

i thought that … ive hit rock bottom… just when you thought that its the hardest comes… the harder of the hardest…

hayyyy…. im tired… after getting all those requirements and finding out that you will not get the job anyways … way suck! sucks biggy time.  add to my injury is the phneumonia ….  hek hek…

on the brighter side! pag natigok ako (if ever ill die)… ill be excuse to pay me credit cards bills!!!! yey?

ive decided not to take the next xray and … rot in hell…

i will prolly go there to lakeside.. or lakeview (but theresno lake there!!!!) and tell ask em what this xray will do..if just to confirm phneumonia… wag na lang (nevermind) … then go to the mall and tell HR that im not fit to work…

and goodbye cellphone cuz ill use you to pay my cousin. yes you nokia7650.  this is our last night together.  tomorrow… ill be the only girl in the planet w/o one…




so now my life is shitty again to the nth power… hu hu hu