love in the times of cholera

woke up with a swollen face. that is what i got from crying last night.  i still cant believe that i have something in my lungs.

im really in the dark as to what is happening that i called yoki(eq_oddyssey) shsl really helpful in explaining things and assuring me that though it might be TB (ngek… unglamorous naman) … it is not as bad as it was then….  its easy to cure and medicines are not that expensive.

felt better.

were actually supposed to be taking C5road but me tatay and i got lost and we end up visiting saint clair of asisi church in katipunan instead.  nagnakaw ako ng 1 flower as my lucky charm…

then we arrived in the very unfriendly and unsanitized medical clinic (lakeside).  there are lotsa other people there, holding their pee… going in and out of the room. from the lobby, you can actually see the medtech doing his thing with the pee, all in cups with a small piece of paper… prolly to test the pee to stuff… im not sure but i can see different colored water in there… ive waited for like an hour and a half till i was called by the xray tech… she is unfriendly too.. maybe exposure to radiation made her like so… of all the medical clinic… this one lacks a doctor he he…  the receptionist (whose also the cashier, eye tester, BP getter, secretary, psycho exam giver and checker) keeps on telling us that the doctor will be there in a few… minutes? m not sure… but i left at 12 and no doctor still… wawa the patients they wont be able to eat lunch on time coz the receptionist is telling ’em.. dont go… doctora will arrived and you will miss her… HUWATTTT! they’ve waited for her noh? dapat she’ll wait for them naman… NAMAN lakeside naman!!!!!!

so my name was called and i was ask to stripped coz my shirt have this rubber KAMISETA logo at the back… no can do… they gave me this tattered errr.. ( i suppose it is a) green blouse… i have to smell the shirt .. ok lang. 

saw the xray tablet… my xray tablet and i saw a white circle spot thingy and i told meself… this is it…  im a freakin TB person…  and im scared like hell cuz i so want this job… also the taray xray tech is nicer and i was like… dahil kaya malapit na akong matigok kaya bumait siya sa kin?????????

along the SLEX, there are lotsa billboards there and i was like thinking…. hmmm… maybe i should follow the trend and climb one billboard and jump off of it all the others who do…

my father whose driving kept on telling me: Itll be olrite… and a lot of other stuff… but i lost my concentration on him … i was just looking out…. thinking what is happening to me….  my only chance to finally correct all the mistakes that i made during the past year… gone… i cant work to pay my bills and help my parents with theirs…. ill be a pain in tehir butt….  all the 98lbs of me…

worst i can hear me sister just about now coughing and im scared that ive contaminated her… 

tomorrow afternoon, ill visit our friendly neighborhood health center to ask about this TB thingy.  if someones there coz… the center is usually empty… no doctor available.. he he… were 3rd world barangay eh… i cannot buy medicine till the 16th when someone will buy my cellphone so ill content meself with the free medicines from ’em… hope they have some… if not ill ask aRgh… the councilors that ive voted he he… or the pagamutang bayan! possibilities, endless!!!!!

im not that strong, im actually loosing it… unti na lang siguro… ill be a loonie… a loonie with TB!  tama ba yun subject ko… its a book title he he… but im not sure cuz havent read it yet…

kapwa ko mahal ko kaya.  wish ko lang. wish upon ala mega!!!! bigyan kaya nila ko ng gamot??????????????????????  tangna hirap talagang maging mahirap!!!!

up until now im still errr… praying that its a patch of phlegm or a ghost in my APLV …  pray for me too please.

11 thoughts on “love in the times of cholera

  1. spinero_solidum

    this might help…

    my girlfriend was diagnosed with TB, but she’s taking medicines now and is doing quite well. she also had that white spot in her lung on her chest x-ray. i also learned from the doctor that practically everyone has TB — that is, everyone (especially in the third world) has latent TB infection, which is different when you have the actual TB disease. as for the former, you have the TB bacteria, but it’s just dormant in your system. once your immune system goes down, you get the TB disease. for more info, please do check out this site:

    TB info

  2. dolphinfluff

    if yer worried about the expense, there are what is called TB DOTS centers who offer free medication for 6 months. ask yer workplace if they are in any way affiliated with this. if you live in the pasig area, you can also visit the san joaquin health center. or inquire at 5277741, just tell them that you want to ask about the TB DOTS program. sana ok ka lang.



      1. dolphinfluff

        inquire ka lang dyan. sana makatulong. supposedly the 6 months medication will be enough. kasi kung sa xray pa lang nagshow and nde naman sa phlegm mo, that’s like stage 1. madali lang yun. i made an avp on this kasi kaya alam ko. *hug* ulit!


  3. gabrielascrib

    check if there are DOTS centers in your locale. you’ll get the whole treatment for free but you will have to take your medicine there everyday.

    best to have the rest of your household tested na rin.

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      naku that is what actually bothers me… i have a small cuz whose coughing and my sister too … and it kills me to think that ive contaminated ’em… my cuz is 1 year old pa lang…

  4. pixiedusk Post author

    hey ganda ng icon moh! yan ang pinakamgandang looser shirt sa mundo!!!! thanks!!! ill try not to be stressed out at least not too much this 2005!

    simula ngayun ang aking affirmation chuva ay: KIBER!!!!


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