veronica decides to die

Have you read this book? veronica committed suicide … stayed in an arkham…. she was told that she is sick and will only live for a span of time…. then she live pass her deadline and she now thinks that everyday is a miracle given by GOD… she is now happy and is not thinking of killing herself….

whats she didnt know is that the doctor is injecting her drugs that made her sick… so she is not really sick and tehres no deadline in her life… her miracle days are actually false miracle…..

i have a good news!!!!! i have a CLEAR LUNGS!!!! my APLV is positive!!!! positive cuz im not sick with TB!!!!  i got the job and ill start on monday!!!!!

im happy and thankful but i know that i really dont have TB but it feels good to have cleared everything out….  im thankful… mmy family is too….

i think that the lakeside medical wants to get some money from me he he… thats why they ask for a 2nd xray.

thanks to yoki! your an angel!!!!!!

and to everyone for commenting nice comments…. grabeh the days that was….  totally mind boggling… i realized that i have to take care of me body… my goal is to gain some weight plus eat right… grabeh.. thanks to everyone talaga for all the hugs and support… he he…

needless to say that im happy… happy for my false miracle…

one more time with feeling: THANKYOU GUYS!!!!!

7 thoughts on “veronica decides to die

  1. eq_oddyssey

    it’s been a pleasure…

    I am so so so very happy for you, sobra… like what I’ve told you, some people makes “intimidation using terms you are not familiar with”, the rule of the game. d ba pag me alam ka, shut up sila… sabi nga ni dingladen : shut up! shut up!!! hehehe

  2. nytfall


    Ey thats good news! Yehey! May work kana! Good thing you took the 2nd x-ray. O diba ngayon meron ka nanag work? Hindi naman siguro nakaka hinayang ang maliit na investment sa x-ray fee diba? And one thing you have to learn na dapat priority ang health. Wag ka magtipid para sa kalusugan mo. Its better to know as early as possible that you are sick before it is too late. 🙂

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      Re: congrats!

      yes thanks believe it or not… there are lotsa good things that this incident gave me…. like my LJ friends’ support!!!!

      he he… i have the job now!!! yey!

      and yes im more careful with health stuff now… i promise meself to be good… ikaw din ha, be take care!!!!

      1. nytfall

        wrong grammar

        ayos lang yun… ako nga may typo eh! hehe atsaka sa generation text. im sure hasa na tayo uminindi ng wrong grammar, wrong tense, wrong spelling, etc. etc.

  3. gabrielascrib

    like i said before, good for you. and congratulations on a new job.

    i do think however that for someone who has gained a new lease in life, you’re starting off on the wrong foot by insinuating that the clinic put you through stress on purpose. that is negativistic dont you think? the apiclordotic view helps ensure that the correct patients get treated and also ensures that people who are negative like you are not exposed to people who are really infected. just my thoughts and an explanation why sometimes a second xray is needed.


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