grabeh..LJ was down the whole day ata yesterday noh????

but its back!!!!!


met up with my high school classmate JOHN! he asked me to do the planning of his house… since his a bestfriend in high school its fer free he he… oks lang lagi namang libre sa MC DO plus he also bought that lucky charm thingy na rabbit!!!!  bale i went to church after our meeting and i was able to finish the whole mass… ngek.. kakaiba ito dahil i dont have the patience to go and hear the mass… yey! just gave thanks to the job…

grabeh naman ang traffic sa south supahighway last saturday…. it took us about an hour and a half just to get to skyway… ngek… im scared that MRT would close…luckily when i got there open pa siya!!!!

dun nga sa bus … this guy and his girl were making out… im sleeping but i heard their sucking sound…ewwww…. inuubo yun girl… ewww…kakainggit kasi lakas ng loob nila… sa bus!!!! elevated pa yun seat namin amongs the other passenger.. but i guess nobody’s really looking at them but me and me seatmate…nwa ha ha… free making out movie: LIVE pa!

nun friday naman i rode with me boss… she is freakin nice!!!! she told me lotsa stories about her past… and BTW she is the owner os the old selecta and the new ARCE dairy: bangis!!!! yaman to the maxxxx siya but she is simple and nice! guess im lucky with my bosses naman… yun nga lang minsan sabit sila sa sweldo… this time … my actual real boss’s are the villars cuz they own manuela and starmall….

today is VIVA STO NIÑo day!!!

kinagat ng ipis yun face ko kaya ako nagising and im still am up… kasi its itchy bitchy…akkk… may pantal na malaki yun mukha kohhhhh….


i have to wake up early pa!

welcome back LJ!!!!

ps missyah ate cheery!!!! musta ka nah ha? email me naman po if your reading this!

8 thoughts on “alive!

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      sarap kasi noh? made from cows milk kasi siya… the company owns this small farm too … galeng nog… fave ko yun ube, pistachio, plus cookies and cream!!!!

      ngek… gusto ko na tuloy ng ice cream as in ngayun na!

  1. pixiedusk Post author

    ngek sinabi mo pa freaky to the max he he… already wash me face… add some ointment too but it its still itchy…ack! somebody save me!!!!

    michael vartan icon!!!!!! grabeh crush ko yan!

  2. Anonymous

    akoh ba ang ate cheery na namimis mo? o akala ko lang yun? im so happy naman sa work mo pero ano b talaga ang work description mo? pareho sa akin? all around? hehehe… e ang TB kamusta? hmm la naman yun talaga e sobrang skinny ka kc.. miz u n din!!!! dami ko n kwento sau!!! hope to see u!! ingat!

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      hmmm…. me boss said that her dad has a 2nd wifey… m not sure if her mom is dra mansueto… her mom is dead na kasi.

      but im sure its mansueto cuz her mid initial starts w/ an M.

      you know her stepmom siguro.


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