si kuya robert

nge he he…

we have this in-mall porject: a ktv bar chuva thats making me head hurts cuz im buying all the stuff for them.  but we have this visitor that made me day or prolly me month… and futures months!!!!! si kuya robert ng art is kool!!!! nya ha ha ….

crushie ko yun!

i was totally starstruck of him… never felt this when i saw … john hall!!!! imagine! me being so red when i was introduce to him (informally) by my boss!!!!!

cute na robert: naku wag ka na mag print ng plan ill takes pictures na lang thanks nakakahiya pa.
my boss: naku dont worry. okay lang yan kay leng fan mo yan eh.  starstruck nga yan sa yo.
me: …
robert: talaga.
me: *blushing*
me: slowly moving away….

never heard any of the conversation na cuz i went to rose of the accounting dept to tell her how kilig i am!!!!

when i came back he they are already finishing up with the mural (which robert will do) so he left… but before going away he said … leng bye thanks ha… eh im  using the phone so i just wave…

hayyyyyy… he is so nice!

asan kaya si jomike!???!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “si kuya robert

  1. pixiedusk Post author

    naku asa 5 na siya eh kaso si jomike na yun bago host ala na siya kaasar nga eh…. bhu hu hu….

    probe team member yun try mo sa website tingan he he…\

    sila rin mayari pepemelroti na store siya si RO sa papemelroti! only boy wohoooooo….

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      yes… hes doin the mural part of our project…. siya nga yun and hes much much nicer in person…. wholesome na wholesome nga lang he he he….

      saka if youll see him grabeh galing pumorma …. na ka chucks lang pero bangis hayyyyyyyy…

      this is love


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