Monthly Archives: February 2005

sMiLey viruS!!!!!

Spreading Happiness

List THREE LJ Friends you’d like to cheer-up today (no special reason, the randomness the better):

1. bench – cuz hes down during the last days… hey dude im not happy but we can be depressd together.. =P
2. raymund___rann – were gonna party like its your birthday… oh! it is really your bday? api berdey!
3. eq_oddyssey – cuz she deserve happiness in its purest form….


Now if your name appears on the list above, copy this and make a list of your own in your journal.


watch it last night at our malls cinema.  didnt expect our cinemas sound to be that great.  i like the movie.. especially the angel … he he…

plus the pinay is cool.  so close to keanu like that!!!! one lucky biatch!  Rachel wiezz? looks like sylvia la torre pala.

went home late na tuloy.

but this is my rest day! NOT!

i have to finish some works because im still not finish doing a friends house.  plus my boss’ 3d! my friend cant finish it cuz she busy rin pala… hayyyy… just thinking bout it makes me head hurts already!!!!!!

happy birthday to raymund___rann!!!!!!!!!!


ha ha…

bench visited me here at work. uyyyyy… bench thanks a lot … he he.. needless to say i was surprised to see you…

sorry only answered the phone after lunch… forgot to bring my cellphone eh…

sana were able to eat pa noh????

thanks talaga!!!!!

happy bithday nytfall

im ju st wonderin if neil gaimans phili visit will still push tru after the bombing?????? hayyyyy… baka he might back out.. sana wag…

sana hell have some balls to visit us… we need him here….


i took my contact lens off while inside a bus fr alabang to ayala to sleep.

im meeting my father at shell ayala cor edsa so that i can get free ride plus a safe sleep.  the bus stopped at this overpass so i clkimb up when im going down… i fell down… ‘think 5-6 steps down and this 2 guy helped me stand up.  he is asking if im drunk.  i said iam not and i said thanks and i just ran pf embarassment. 

im not drunk.  i am tired.  ive been working for the last 9 days w/o restday.  thats from 8 am to 8-9pm.  12-13 hours w/o overtime pay!!!… and i still need to report to work tomorrow.  theres lotsa work to finish actually so i understand.. i just wish they gavs us food early so that i wont feel that weak…

now i have a scrapped elbow and knee.  lotsa body parts aching.. pride low… hayyyy…

the kitchie nadal concert is okay naman..


theres this maintenance head from work.. she is so sad because my immediate boss (the one that shouts a lot) well … whouted at her and she is like … down… cuz… theres not a day that she is free from this shouting too..


all that i said … is …



goodnite party people… happy valentines day.