perks of working in a mall?

i get some 50% discount in our gym!!!! yey! im going to have me 1st gym experience tonight… prolly 6pm…. dunno what to bring really.  im out of people to ask kasi i dont have a cellphone.  told everyone that my cellphone is at home… realscore is i sold it para i can use the money now i dont have cellphone and im in dire need to contact poeple… he he… me fault..

neweys… ill just ask what to bring lang.  i have rubber shoes na.  do i have to bring my own towels pa or not.  ill bring one neweys.  kaso all i have is this big one.  baka masyado malaki. 

i also have spae undies and shirt.  my only prob na lang is the jogging pants cuz i dont have one.  and i dont have the money to buy…. ill use this nice strecthable pants na lang.  hope the gym guys would let me.

yesterday was a busy usual i have lotsa werk to do… mostly buying stuff for the people around me.  im always buying for them… i need to buy for meself naman… i awfully awfullly need to buy a cabinet cuz no one will give me…

i have lotsa paper to sort… but no cabinet nga so its all over me table and small mobile cabinet that i cant close na.

im contemplating on leaving work na but isnce boss will be gone (not for good though)… ill wait for that new “building admin head” na lang and see… cuz i have to admit that i freakin need that job plus the people guys i work with is really really cool!!!!!

they are the nicest ever. 

plus what ebout my crushie at work… sayang din yun…

at ang mga artista…

we have this new mall manager and her name is marivic santiago … shes from malabon too & she graduated fr st james academy (like eq_oddyssey) she is really really nice and i wish lotsa times na siya na lang boss ko.  she is separated and she eats with us! COWBOY siya! theres this guy courting her … cuz cool pa ang lola nyo… galing! guy is a PMAer.

once we ate lunch at maxs… she is telling us all sorts of cool stuff about her like doing it w/ the guy once at nabuntis agad siya… shes keen on telling us to use protection

naku im telllin you guys she is freakin COOL!

hayyyy… im supos to be doing a sideline but i cant im so pagod… same reason why (let get back to the!) im going to the gym para i have extra power to do some other things…

i know the 1st time hurts *wink.wink* but i know that next visit will be mani na! or not? but at least im looking forward to some other new things … di na lang puro werk!

yun lang…

miss you all…


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