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movies in my mind (nakkksssssss)

got this from bubbleheadnut

hes asking ebout my favorites movies and here it goes….

i like this because charlize theron kicks the guys butt in driving the mini cooper!!!!  becuase ed norton is there.  cuz marky mark is there and the cars are really nice!!!! 

i like this because this is the first movie that i saw na ala CSI, yun parang the camera is showing where the bullets travells inside the body… so yucky!!! thats why i like it! plus i like war films… kasi there are so many men in uniform nge he he ….. also like this cuz marky mark is here… mwa ha ha….

3. NOW AND THEN i also like stories ’bout friendship and how it withstands time.  this is a cool movie with a nice soundtrack….  when i saw this i remember wishing sana we’ll grow old like the girls here…. still quirky and successful…

‘ read the book  i like it…. saw the movie… i like it tooo thats why its here…

i also like sarah the lil princess by that harry potter director cuz its magical.. saw it on studio …. i like magical movies too cuz its a great escape….

im suppos 2 make pasa this 2 other ppol but i guess since im late evryone have answered this kind a quuestion na… he he….

ill try lang:

im making pasa the write your fave movie to the ff cool ppol:

cawees cuz …. i want 2 know if you like marky mark to =P

girl_bot cuz i know you have quirky choices and i want 2 know ’em…

sextonfurnival i know u lyk watching art films…. share mo naman sa tulad kong…. artless… =P

yun lang… babu!



lotsa people deleted me….

didnt know that it hurts…. but it does…

so to all my still friends: THANK YOU GUYS!

when im tired and friggin depress… i just read you entry and ill realized that there are some other people out there who feels the same….

kakampi ko kayo!

i feel better after reading…..

boring din ang life ko…. pero parang pag binabasa ko kayo…. parang andun din ako at

i feel that im experiencing your life din…. hapiness… sadnesss… horniness…. sexiness…. coolnessssss….

im not the perfect LJ friend siguro… but…. ala lang…

drama nge he he….


i love you ruel!

it is true that we have 40degrees celcius temp outside earlier????????????

goshness noh!

walking outside to attend seminar and im figgin sweatin like HELL!!!!! plus im really really really dark now cuz i forgeot my umbrella at home…

drank all my water already but i still feel thirsty!!!!!

susmaryosep ang init!!!!

tapos it’ll rain… so now i feel sick/bad already….

tapos me boss ask us to stopped all the projects that we have inside the mall. eh i already ordered lotsa stuff for that…

what am i goona do w/ all those lights. cant return that anymore…. cuz ..cuz i dont know!!!!


it sterted right after college when i got to read about it in a girly girl magazine…

that a lot of girls eat but laterz go to the comfy room to vomit.  self induced vomitting.

i didnt even know that you can do that… i tried it and well … it feels guilt free…. you can eat everything and taste all the good food and vomit later and no calories…

only youy look horrible cuz of the crying eyes and the fact that you are a freakin bulimic…

err… i am a freakin bulimic…

was a freaKIN bulimic… cuz i finally got to control my demon until recently … cuz i feel im gettin FAT…

im joining the gym….

maybe ill feel better….

i hate to vomit na….

im scared…