lotsa people deleted me….

didnt know that it hurts…. but it does…

so to all my still friends: THANK YOU GUYS!

when im tired and friggin depress… i just read you entry and ill realized that there are some other people out there who feels the same….

kakampi ko kayo!

i feel better after reading…..

boring din ang life ko…. pero parang pag binabasa ko kayo…. parang andun din ako at

i feel that im experiencing your life din…. hapiness… sadnesss… horniness…. sexiness…. coolnessssss….

im not the perfect LJ friend siguro… but…. ala lang…

drama nge he he….


9 thoughts on “prozac

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      kasi yub peeceee ko sa nahay cira… yoko naman post sa work kc bk ppol fr there might see this… this is my secret eh…. im writing something bout them kasi he he he


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