calatagan batangas

cant seem to see meself lately…

he he he… cuz im really really really really dark.  i was like in the water for the whole day that were there… nevermind that i know that taking a swim during 10am to 3 pm is dangerous… i was like this would never really happen again so ….  there i am swimming (even if i dont really know how) the whole day. 

so now im negrita aagain… i remember relatives calling me negra cuz i am negra when im small…. kinda lighten up cuz i now use payong when im walking in the sun…

but its fun… yesterday was fun…

also, new employees (moi) have to perform… we dance that lilo and stich song…. i was so nervous that i think i just stand in there like a driftwood… he he…

but im wearing this skirt and top that exposes mt tattoo kasi and im so scared that they will fire me if they so the flower tattooooo… only they all thought its HENNA! yey! im saved!

and we lost the presentation prolly cuz of me…

also bought some pasaluboing along on my way home…since i dont have camera i have to wait for sir PJ pa to cuz hes the camera man…

hes so funny too.. alwauys asking someone to take his pictures naman… kasi lagi siyang walang pictures sa outing ng office….

hayyyyy… now my body hurts like helll… did i ever mention that im reallly really really dark….

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