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twas a busy day for me..yesterday went to marikina to eat at CAFE KAPITAN.  the house is good and the food is… sarap!!!!!  Then me boss and I went to Glorietta to have our pictures developed. then she have her henna tatto done and then we watched MONSTER IN LaW!!! Yey! Movie is nice.  But JLO cant really cry.  Ms Jane Fonda is the center of the movie.  I cried in the end part.  yeah thats how i am: babaw! ‘think my boss cried too… he he…

then were suppose to still go back to work but me boss told me to go home and rest and be at work early. …. but i skipped work today cuz i told ’em im sick… im not… i skipped work cuz i werent able to finish the drawings that im suppose to submit cuz my PC is busted.

im so malas…. thought everything will work out according to plan but no!!!!!!! PC is not cooperating!!!!!

then i opened the PC only to find a tweezer stuck in my drive A:!!!!!! YES! A TWEEZER!!!!!!!!!!

thats why my PC wont open cuz somethings stuck on its throat!!!!

now my pc is working only i already skipped work and my boss is so mad at me for skipping werk and im DOOM!!!!! On the bright side: I found a lost tweezer… nge he he…

I look good when im a cartoon character noh?

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