Monthly Archives: June 2005


got a free book from powerbook worth 475.00 bucks… not bad noh? catch is i have to go to a book sharing thingy on june 27 at mega… oks lang yun cuz i dont have social life naman at least this time ill do….

im having pimple attack again and .. spmebody told me to drink green tea cuz it helps… and drink is what i did… its nice… pimple are starting to dry out i think but… i have to continuously go to the toilet to do number 2!  slimming tea din ata ang green tea? its hard reminds me of dulcolax!!!!!  is it safe?

i feel really really good yesterday din … weird nga.  but i just felt that my jeans fits nicely to my butt and all i want is to walk around to show off that sexiness.  when i got home… saw a very very very very as in very BIG! bloody stain… MAY TAGOSSSSSSS akoh! KARMA?

oks lang!

at least my free book pa rin ako! 

the good news

id always wish that theres is something in my email that could perk me up.  a good news perhaps that i really really won something (not the spam type) or an email from a very very long lost friend or an ecard… he he he…

kaso ala pa rin…

but tomorrow is another day….