rivermaya + bataan = happy lengsky

nilangaw is the right word to describe the rivermaya concert at metropolis mal last saturday

see the ticket is really really expensive for our market.  they are selling it for p500 and P300 when our market can only dish out P100 max… the people outside the venue is waiting for a last minute discount sale that didnt happen so they just stayed there and listened to the sound na lang…

rico is great… this is the fisrt time i saw them perform in years and he is great na…. last time i saw them was 2000 pa and he is a bit concious pa sa stage ngayon.. nakkksssss….


saw IF ONLY yesterday at SM cinema… im not expecting anything but a cheesy movie… if im the one wholl choose id rather watch pinoy blonde… but … what do you know… i like it… i love it even…

the movie is really really cheesy but … hayyyyy…..  ang ganda…

i dont want to ruib for you guys so wtach it… siyempre ill wtach pinoy blond din prolly tomorrow he he he…

also visited a project at bataan…. kapagod but oks lang kasi basta gala im okay….  nice talaga to see fields of green… never boring….

i wish we have a place in the province that we can go to everytiome were burn out na…

but… well ala na kami car so how can we go there

3 thoughts on “rivermaya + bataan = happy lengsky

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      supah mahal!!!

      he he.. actually cheaper than bamboo. 200thou ata. not sure cuz were not the organizer ..

      have pictures will post laetrz…

      weirdly.. ala ako sa mga picscuz im the photog that night…


  1. dolphin0620


    hey girl! you’re not posting in radio- anymore… what’s up?

    RIVERMAYA?!? RICO BLANCO? !!! I looooove them!!! SO MUCH!! hehehe.. always listening to their music. have their latest album. and i just love rico’s voice.!!

    Nilangaw gig nila? 300 is cheap? to see rivermaya that is…. i’ll be there if i know it won’t be jampacked… (i’m not really into crowded places so .. there.. no gigs, concerts.. hehehe.. )

    Sigh… when will I see them? hahaha… lam mo ba thrice na kami nagkasalisi ng band na yan? in bora, in cebu and in dish abs-cbn. I was there a day earlier or hours earlier before them..!! kainis no?

    Anyway, how have you been doing?! I don’t know if i’d told you this but when mitz was here we’re all looking for you.. you changed your number?!

    visit my photoblog =)


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